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Highlights of a Home Stager: Loft Living

5 Sep

We’ve got another small space showcase for you! This one was even more of a challenge than our Spring Garden Condo- we had to fit a bedroom into this small space!SD6cLkglYhgdXl38UVsHBX2yGLhKNRd-xp2loG2PXzWLy7gIw5Jz2wfMMCHjwisNjv5UQT6Aj2y90AtmOuPW0VXYVITvqhaxbm1P4ZJlxIE.jpg

Not only did we fit a bed, but also an office, living room, and small dining area! That’s all you really need when you’re living in the heart of Rittenhouse Square!L8NqOZRUEoeBxTqNvGsewYmVce379MuiqwRNpe1-eplfuVk9npy-BPnNfnlFA6ddZvKGmVA7ZT0IxgLWUSqy4Ub_gwPFdswaREfjPKqBaAk

Tucking the bed to one side, we created enough space for a small living area, complete with a desk for those work from home days.feWBK7HRNHpG4cd-BN-I30viVABL_c5urNceO3epfE6Sk5czwjkHEFco_tW23UDezQ5GcUUBLq1Dd8HxijiAPhRyDNjSYo4YZ9_VInrRiNc (1)

The final product was a fun and funky loft, perfect for a young professional.


So remember, there’s no job too small for the Sunflower Team!

And, when it comes to professional home staging, whether vacant or occupied, contact Ali at Sunflower Creations
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