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University City/West Philadelphia Rehab Property Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

28 Nov


You don’t always need to stage every room in the house.

At Sunflower, we do an initial consultation for every property in order to determine exactly what is necessary.

We appreciate that our clients have a budget.  Our job is to assist in the marketing of the property, so that it will sell quickly and for top dollar.

In this West Philadelphia home, we explained how to differentiate the formal, entertaining living room downstairs from the more cozy, den-type of living space upstairs.


What a Difference Adding Color Makes at this South West Philadelphia Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

26 Nov

Here’s a little before and after feature that demonstrates the impact of adding color and texture to a vacant property.

Sure, the space was finished beautifully to begin with, but bringing in decor really makes this home feel warm and inviting.

The potential buyer will want to stay longer, look around more, and envision their own things in here!

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Master Bedroom:

 Thanks for looking!

Wharton/Hawthorne/Bella Vista- South Philadelphia Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

21 Nov

Boy, South Philly is busy with redevelopment, home sales, and staging!

This is a beautiful 2 bedroom town home in the 19147.


For more information on this property, click here

East Falls home staging: What a cool house!

14 Nov

Take a glance at this exterior and tell me what you expect to find inside:

Now take a peak inside and tell me your are not surprised…

This is such a fun type of house to stage because it is both, traditional and modern!  Staircases and molding are that old English Tudor style thick, dark, wood.  And then you insert stainless steel appliances, granite island bar, and industrial grade cooking appliances that are ultra-contemporary.

I love decorating these types of homes because the whole project is a delicate balancing act.  Of course, the potential buyer of this type of home will surely have an affinity for architectural salvage and preservation.  And at the same time, don’t we all want the modern conveniences of 2013?

So, we kept this one cozy and homey, capturing the old world charm while paying special attention to real-life functionality and using lots of warm colors.

By creating several living spaces in the large open kitchen, we are suggesting that various activities can be going on simultaneously.  That is the way of the modern family!  So the kids can be crafting at the island while mom and dad sit by the fireplace.  Or company can dine while the host works in the kitchen.

Adding small repetitive blocks of bold color add to the warmth of the space.

We also made sure to playfully mix together traditional patterns (like the curtains and upholstered chairs) with more contemporary accessories.