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Queens Village Home Staging, Philadelphia PA

7 Dec

If I could pick a location, this would be it.  Queens Village has so much to offer.  Great restaurants, good food, awesome places to eat.  Guess everyone now knows the way to my heart!  In all seriousness not only are you close to great food but walking distance to shopping, nightlife and an actual grocery store (Whole Foods right down the street).

This property is so cute and has a really cool layout.  I wanted to show potential buyers that this home is broken up into sections.

On the first floor you have a great entertainment area.  A space for gathering, listening to music, fire-place, amazing kitchen and eating area.

In my opinion you don’t even need a tv on this floor (but it does come with the property, so why not?!).

The basement level offers laundry, 1/2 bath (great for guests to freshen up), a breeze through with enough space for a small desk and chair as well as a nice sized guest bedroom.  Consider this the guest enclave!

On the second floor you have a bedroom, full bath and an awesome lounge space.  Now this is where I would have my tv and comfy cozy sofa.

Number one because it is away from the entertaining area and second it is just below the master suite (when I fall asleep watching tv it’s not too much of a hike to bed!).

Lastly you have a spacious master suite on the third floor.  Although it may take some imagination this house upon close inspection has so much space that you can use any way you like!  Check it out officially here: Queens Village Real Estate.

Miss you guys, I’ve been swamped with personal decorating clients, I’ll make sure to keep posting when I can!


The Staging Chick

Home Staging Pennsport

7 Mar

Last week was another wonderfully hectic week filled with two vacant stagings and a radio interview with KYW!  With that being said I am way behind on sharing our most recent stagings.  This property was staged two weeks ago in the Queens Village area of Philadelphia and I’ve been so excited to share it with you.

It is a little more traditional than what I’ve done in the past so I had a great time setting it up.  More importantly I’ve had two amazing side chairs in storage that I have been dying to use and this house was perfect for them.

I staged the entry, office, kitchen, dining and living rooms.  A simple staging like this is a great way to show buyers what the property has to offer without breaking the bank.  While I think it is important to stage bedrooms sometimes it’s not completely necessary.  In the case of this property the bedrooms are all nicely sized and because of budget constraints staging the main living area made the most sense.




I absolutely love the open flow of the kitchen into the dining and living rooms.  This would be the perfect home for a family with children or a young couple.  If you want to find out more about this property check out the listing.  As always if you have any questions about home staging or need help selling your home email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com.


The Staging Chick