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Highlights From a Home Stager: Before and Afters, Baby…

6 Feb

Here’s a little before and after action from a property we staged a few months back.  This is one of my personal favorites from last year because it is the poster child for the power of staging.  We’ve got an adorable house, priced right, on a nice street- and several months went by with no offers.

The sellers called us for a consult, had it staged on a Friday- and chose from 3 good offers on the following Monday.   They settled at 10% over asking price!

Enter through the front door into your charming, sun-drenched enclosed porch…  We replaced the dark curtains with shears, added a couple of area rugs, and a few pieces of furniture to create a first impression that sets a positive tone- and a functional space that is more than just a pass-thru area.


Those white sheers make SUCH a difference.


Next, we have a nice size living room with exposed brick, mantel, and built-ins.

Cute right? But where does the sofa go?


Now, I think the next space is the most confusing for prospective buyers.  The large support beam kind of divides the dining room into 2 separate areas, and I think people were just really unsure about how they’d be able to make the space work.

We created an additional hang-out area that bridges the space between the living room and the dining area.  Maybe drinks?  Maybe a place to sit away from the TV?


And finally, the kitchen is a very bold color and featured patterned window treatments.  We just replaced the valence panels with sheers, which have a more contemporary vibe.

Click here to view the full property listing.

Thanks for looking!

If you are preparing to list, or if you have clients who are preparing to list, get us involved!

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Highlights from a Home Stager: ODD SPACESEdition, Sunflower Creations, Philadelphia

15 Mar

Hi Everyone-  Thanks for reading!

Can’t wait to dive into this week’s photos, because we have been working in some very unique spaces these past few weeks!  A major part of our home staging philosophy is that functionality is #1- Ya gotta make prospective buyers feel at home, and one major aspect of that is showing them that the home can meet all of their lifestyle needs.

In some spaces, living is very easy-  In a large home, their are often ample rooms to accommodate office space, relaxation space, exercise space, what have you…  But in a smaller home, we have to work a little harder..

But, it’s a little more than just square footage…  Sometimes the shape of a room can really restrict furniture layout options.  And built-ins, fireplaces, stairwells, and windows can pose challenges too…  Enter, Sunflower Creations!

Here’s a look at some Odd Spaces that we’d staged recently:

7xx S. 2nd St, Queen Village Trinity Staging- Sold in less than 1 Week

This compact home features an entry level eat-in kitchen, basement living room with built in desk, 2nd floor bedroom suite, and 3rd floor bedroom suite.  The property is completely charming and completely lovely, but it has some real layout challenges.

When the kitchen is on a separate level from the living room, we like to make the seating area feel super-cozy.  Instead of a traditional dining table/chairs and table settings, we go for a more comfy/casual hang-out feel.


The living room is small and oddly shaped, and much of it is taken up by the built-in office.  But we created a clear TV area, and a little bit of common space everywhere in the home.


(Click here for full property listing)


8xx N. 20th St- Fairmount/Art Museum Area Home Staging

My initial thought about this house is that its the one that everyone wants to hang out in because it’s really cool- but nobody knows quite what to do with it!  Seems like it must have been converted from a store-front to a home, and its got all these huge windows that offer amazing light, but zero privacy.  Limited wall space also restricts furniture arrangement a little bit.

We wanted to show off the window feature, but also provide privacy from the outside.  And we wanted to show people how to make the layout function, and also create the best first impression when prospective buyers entered the space.  We went with an asymmetrical layout because the room is not symmetrical, and we created little bit of a terrarium-feel, with lots of greenery to make the space feel homey.


(Click here for full property listing)


10xx Spruce St- Center City Condo Staging

This 4th floor condo had an unusual layout.  Enter into this large living room, and proceed down 3 steps to another very large room that is way bigger than a typical dinning room.  Beyond that room is a stairway landing with a nook that just needs to be utilized, and then into the eat-in kitchen.  Bedrooms are on the level below.  So, this is a deceptively large 2 bedroom condo!  With so much room for sitting, and for eating- this one feels like an entertaining space to me!

The unit, and the building itself, were more traditional in style- see the light fixtures, windows, etc.  So we wanted to go a little more traditional with our staging, but still keep it contemporary to appeal to the modern buyer.

Here’s living room #1


And Living Space #2/Dining Room


Landing Nook turned Office


Eat- In Kitchen, making use of the owner’s existing dining set


(Click here for full property listing)


Thanks so much for looking!

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