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Highlights From a Home Stager: Hands-Down, the Coolest House in Philly

6 Dec

No offense to all other houses, but this one takes the prize for awesome-

Standing on the street in Northern Liberties, one would never know that behind an inconspicuous industrial garage door lies this incredible, self-contained residential oasis.


This courtyard/Zen Garden is the absolute perfect place to relax and enjoy the meditative sights and sounds of the water feature and Koi pond.

4th1And here are a few aerial shots of the interior, just to give you a sense of the whole space:


Just an FYI tidbit- the TV room floor is the original cobblestone from when this land was a cross street.  And, that plexi-glass panel in the ground is encasing a well that was excavated during the renovation.  You can still see water levels rise and fall.

4th104th9So, we were called in a couple of years ago when the homeowners first began thinking about selling.  Through a series of walk-thrus, revisions, and fine tuning, we were able to help these homeowners get this property in prime shape for listing.  And, once listed, the sellers got their asking price in less than 3 weeks- which I really can’t say is a surprise…  The place is amazing, and they really followed our staging advise to the letter.

This is a great example of how a staging consultation can help you sell your home.  In this case, the majority of the furniture belongs to the homeowners.


We provided recommendations on pieces that worked well for staging, and items that needed to be toned down, amped up, or adjusted.  We also provided supplementary art/accessories where needed.  This enabled the home owners to move the vast majority of their belongings out of the home prior to listing, which made their move more orderly in the long-run.


We assisted the homeowners by providing a neutral eye.  This, in turn, helped them showcase all the right features.  Clearly, they had a good sense of design because they created the space.  But it’s often helpful to get an outside perspective to help see a home through the eyes of the prospective buyer.    In this case, the space, itself, is really the focal point.  The prospective buyer is clearly going to need to fall in love with the space, or not get it at all.  It’s just that kind of home.  So, we did a lot of editing.  We wanted the property to really be the main event here- and everything else was kind of just dressing to show function and warmth.  The key was finding the right balance.



In “His” office, we spent a great deal of time on simplifying the built-in shelves that were packed with books and collectibles.  The owners were really great about following our recommendations.


And, we helped create a “Her” office/studio space out of what had previously been used as a bike room.  We provided area rugs, furnishings and art where needed– but the large majority of the items were already there for us.  Just a matter of moving some things around…



In the rear portion of the home, we made a few layout adjustments in order to maximize use of the space, and in order to differentiate the spaces from the other sitting/eating areas in the front of the home.  Notice the very clean-lined and simple styling of the décor- This property needs so little in terms of “frills”.


And finally, this common area that connects the three 2nd floor bedrooms-  The homeowners had previously used this as gallery space for their art collection.  We wanted to make it function in a way that would feel at home to any prospective buyer.  So we created this relaxation area to feel like a really cozy place where you can drink your coffee on a Sunday morning, or cuddle up with a book late at night

Click here to see the full property listing.

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Staging an Occupied Home with Sunflower Creations

23 Apr

1(eliminate unnecessary furniture to create a streamlined look)

Most of the time, the pics we share here are vacant homes where we bring in all the furniture, art and accessories in order to create “the look” that connects with potential buyers.

But, Sunflower Creations also offers home staging consultation services for occupied homes.  In this process, we generally work with the homeowner’s furnishings and accessories in order to prepare the property for sale.  We can assist with space planning, depersonalization, pre-photo detailing, and more- in order to create a picture perfect look for photos and showings.  We also help create solutions for sellers to be able to maintain the staged look, while living in their property while it is for sale.

5(organize the playroom so it appears orderly, and the kids can still have fun!)

The process begins with a walk-thru, where we assess the space, as well as the needs and desires of the occupants.  Some sellers are looking for assistance with home improvements, such as paint color and finish selections.  Others may need us to help them eliminate furniture from over-crowded spaces.  And others may need us to supplement under-utilized spaces with our furniture.

Once we see the space, we put together a consultation report.  This will act as a room-by-room instruction manual for the seller, with detailed suggestions and floor plan drawings when necessary.  At this point, the seller can decide to carry out our plans on his/her own, or have us come out and prepare the property for them.

The photos in this posting are from occupied home stagings in the Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods of Northwest Philadelphia.  Both are beautiful old homes with some modern updates.  We wanted to accentuate the uniqueness and old charm, but give the spaces a little contemporary edge.


(Although most of us do not use our formal dining room all that much, show it in it’s ideal state!)3 4 6

(A contemporary rug pulls this room into 2014!) 7

(Going minimal on the accessorizing gives these deep blue rooms a slightly more contemporary feel) 8 9To see these full property listings, click on the following links:

Mount Airy listing

Chestnut Hill listing

Staging Consultations can be an invaluable and low-cost tool for selling a home quickly and for top dollar.  So, if you , or someone you know is preparing to list a home for sale, why not forward this post!

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The Case of the South Philly Home that Needed Staging, by Sunflower Creations

29 Nov

kimball1It’s a classic tale:  Once upon a time, a super sweet young family lists their home for sale in the Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia.  Even though the home is in a great neighborhood, and is really adorable, it sadly sits on the market for 40 days with little interest from potential buyers.  Their realtor suggests consulting with us, and we are able to identify a couple of issues right away…

We were ready to work with the homeowners on a consulting basis, to help improve the success of their showings.  But, at the last minute, they decided to move out and have us stage the home completely.  This was a really good move!

The general theme that seemed to keep reappearing is that there is a big difference in the way we live in our homes, versus the way we envision living in our homes.  For example, when we stage an empty living room, we tend to use accessories that suggest relaxing with a cocktail, or getting cozy with a book– something that seems happy, fun, enjoyable to potential buyers.  This is appealing, it is what we want to do in our living room.  Forget that most of us will turn a living room into a playroom, office, craft room and dining area!


(Living Room Before and After)

kimball3Common in many older South Philly homes is this big landing that seems like a whole additional room.  The trouble with this space is that it is tough to figure out what to do with it.  It’s a common area because you need to walk through it to go downstairs, but it is definitely bigger than a hallway.  Our solution is to turn these types of areas into something special or functional, somewhere that a potential buyer would want to spend time.  In other words, we want to turn the space from a question mark  into a memorable selling feature of the house.


(landing before and after)kimball8 kimball7Finally, the house was listed as a 2 bedroom home, yet upon walking the property,  we could only find one bedroom!


The long story is that since the couple have a small child, who frequently wakes up in the middle of the night,  it became easier to just sleep in one room on the second floor with the built-in crib.  The short story is that potential buyers were not envisioning the fabulous 3rd floor loft space as a master suite, since it looked more like a storage/makeshift office.




The open space is even equipped with plumbing, for a bathroom renovation, or at least a wet bar– Who wouldn’t want that in their master suite!

kimball11 kimball12 kimball13

This home definitely had an artsy vibe, from the multi-colored linoleum tiles on the 2nd floor, to the pegboard walls in the kitchen and master bedroom.  It is these unique traits that people will fall in love with, and it is these same traits that people will run from.  So, we just made it a point to try to neutralize these oddities a little as we worked our way through the home.

kimball2 kimball4 kimball6So, now for the happily ever after:

Once staged, this home went under contract in 1 WEEK!!

kimball9 kimball10Thanks so much for looking!


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Trying to Sell Your Home While Living in it? Call Sunflower Creations for Help Staging to Sell

25 Nov

Blackwell 1

We’re always blabbing about how staging a vacant home makes it feel lived in, cozy, and energized–  Yada, yada…

But we do not talk as much about the other scenario- The lived-in home, that appears, perhaps, a little too lived in, too cozy, and too energized!

Now, we are not just Stagers;  We are human, too.  And we know a few things:

(1)  We never have enough storage space

(2)  The longer we live in one place, the more we accumulate

(3)  Our own weird furniture  and personal junk is THE BEST!!  And, everyone else surely thinks so, too!

Um, well, some of these statements are true…

So, when we get called to consult for a lived-in home staging, we start with a walk-thru, and end with a room-by-room plan of attack.  We know that in many cases, we are the last call before the property gets listed, so at this point, home owners are not looking to do major renovations (Although, if they are, we can manage those projects, as well).  In many cases, we are called in to fine tune.

We were asked to consult with these Headhouse Square home-owners/sellers,  in order to create the best presentation for showings.  I must say that these guys did an amazing job of decluttering and depersonalizing.  Ironically, the home-owners told me that they had pared down so much before listing, that they had been repeatedly told that the property looked sterile.

blackwell2 Blackwell3

We brought in some generally appealing art and accessories to mix in with the homeowner’s beautiful book collection.  We also packed away a ton of books, and rearranged shelves to create maximum impact for MLS photos and showings. We did similar reworking throughout the house–  Moved art around, added focal points, created storage solutions for the kid’s rooms, and provided a quick pre-showing check-list for the home-owners to follow at a moment’s notice.

blackwell8 blackwell9 blackwell10

When we consult on this type of project, one thing we really keep focused on is how to make it work for the life-style of the home-owners.  We assisted a Queen Village family with three small children.  They had this fabulous entry parlor with a cool modern fireplace, but because of their busy lifestyle, the space had become a bit of a mud room.  It (a) did not make the phenomenal impact that they wanted potential buyers to feel upon entering the home, and (b) called attention to their need for more closet space.

We provided paint color suggestions for some accent walls throughout the home, a de-cluttering plan, and staging for the newly-fabulous entry parlor!


(Before and After!)leithgowWe also used a trunk with storage as a coffee table so that the home-owners could stash our breakables away from the kiddies between showings.  Then all they had to do was whip out our pictures to reference, reset, and go!

Next, we run over to a Society Hill condo with amazing views and need for just a little space planning!  These sellers had some really cool furniture, and we removed about half of it!  We flipped the sofa around to open up the space, and to draw the eye to the beautiful skyline.  Just a little more rearranging, decluttering, and primping before photos/video/listing

towers towers2 towers4 towers5Thanks so much for looking!

Incidentally, two out of the three properties featured above sold in 47 days and 14 days!  The average number of days-on-market for Philadelphia homes in 2013 is 84 days.

If you are having a tough time trying to sell your home while living in it, or if you are getting ready to put your home on the market,

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