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Staging an Occupied Home with Sunflower Creations

23 Apr

1(eliminate unnecessary furniture to create a streamlined look)

Most of the time, the pics we share here are vacant homes where we bring in all the furniture, art and accessories in order to create “the look” that connects with potential buyers.

But, Sunflower Creations also offers home staging consultation services for occupied homes.  In this process, we generally work with the homeowner’s furnishings and accessories in order to prepare the property for sale.  We can assist with space planning, depersonalization, pre-photo detailing, and more- in order to create a picture perfect look for photos and showings.  We also help create solutions for sellers to be able to maintain the staged look, while living in their property while it is for sale.

5(organize the playroom so it appears orderly, and the kids can still have fun!)

The process begins with a walk-thru, where we assess the space, as well as the needs and desires of the occupants.  Some sellers are looking for assistance with home improvements, such as paint color and finish selections.  Others may need us to help them eliminate furniture from over-crowded spaces.  And others may need us to supplement under-utilized spaces with our furniture.

Once we see the space, we put together a consultation report.  This will act as a room-by-room instruction manual for the seller, with detailed suggestions and floor plan drawings when necessary.  At this point, the seller can decide to carry out our plans on his/her own, or have us come out and prepare the property for them.

The photos in this posting are from occupied home stagings in the Mount Airy and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods of Northwest Philadelphia.  Both are beautiful old homes with some modern updates.  We wanted to accentuate the uniqueness and old charm, but give the spaces a little contemporary edge.


(Although most of us do not use our formal dining room all that much, show it in it’s ideal state!)3 4 6

(A contemporary rug pulls this room into 2014!) 7

(Going minimal on the accessorizing gives these deep blue rooms a slightly more contemporary feel) 8 9To see these full property listings, click on the following links:

Mount Airy listing

Chestnut Hill listing

Staging Consultations can be an invaluable and low-cost tool for selling a home quickly and for top dollar.  So, if you , or someone you know is preparing to list a home for sale, why not forward this post!

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Thanks for looking!

…Whether ultra-modern new construction, a charming rehab, or a traditional redesign–We understand the subtle differences.


Our “look” helps homes sell quickly and our process keeps clients coming back time and again.


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Home Staging That Feels Like Home in Mount Airy!! By Sunflower Creations

19 Jul

Allens2This property was a family home, turned rental, turned rehab.

The seller told us that over the years that she had rented it, the paint became shabby, the floors got worn, etc.  She really did a phenomenal job of rejuvinating the space, while holding on to its original character.

We brought the “bang” with bold furniture and punches of red.  When we were done, this space looked like a model Mount Airy Home-  traditional with some fun add-ons, comfortable yet stylish, and a little artsy in a grown-up way!

Allens4 Allens5 allens6 allens7 allens8 allens9 allens10Thanks for looking!

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Ali Kutner, Home Staging Coordinator



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Historical Germantown Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

5 Jun

duvallrThis is one of those charming old twin homes in Northwest Philadelphia’s Germantown section.

Deceptively large, we staged living room, dining room, kitchen, master, kid’s room, guest bedroom, office, and 2 baths.

duvalkitch duvaldr duvalmaster duvalbedkid duvalbedkid2 duvalbed2 duvalbath2 duvalbath duvalofficeThanks for looking at our blog today!

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Huge Rehabbed Home Staging in West Mount Airy by Sunflower Creations

19 Apr



What a fun project this was!

This big old house has fireplaces in 4 of the rooms we staged.  Also, notice the curved out window areas in several of the rooms, and this large entry area, pictured above.

All of these features add loads of character, but also loads of confusing space planning questions for potential buyers–Glad the seller decided to stage!!

upsal5 upsal9 upsal11

As you can see, in this staging, we still used contemporary pieces- because that creates the most appeal for most potential buyers.  But we definitely leaned toward a more traditional look in our choices of artwork and decoration.

upsal12 upsal10 upsal13 upsal14 upsal6 upsal7 upsal4 upsal3 upsal2 upsal 1

Thanks for looking!

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Big Old House, Big Old Job! Contemporary Home Staging for a Beautiful Traditional Home in Mount Airy

25 Jan


lincoln2 Some home buyers love the look of an old home, but most want the features of a new one.  So, we make sure to highlight the old-fashioned charm while showing how a modern family can function in the space.  For example, where will we put the TV, and what about the computer?   Also, how do you include modern pieces in a traditional home?

lincoln8 lincoln7 lincoln6 lincoln5 lincoln4 lincoln3 lincoln1This house is huge–Enclosed porch, formal dining room, and more bedrooms that you can count on one hand!  Lots of rooms means lots of furniture, and each room has to be unique and interesting.

lincoln11 lincoln10 lincoln9