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Highlights from a Home Stager: October 2015- Sunflower Creations, Philadelphia, PA

4 Oct

In our eyes, every home is unique.  There is no cookie-cutter.  And every project deserves thorough consideration.

One of the best parts of my job, and one of the things I love most about being a home stager, is that every day is a brand new experience.  Each property we stage comes with its own set of challenges, and our job is to figure out how to portray every home in its best light.  We think about who is going to likely purchase the home, and how they will want to use the space.  We try to highlight the best features of each home, but we also consider the perceived negatives, and we try to provide remedies.

blog2This first feature is a 3 bedroom Northern Liberties new construction project.  We came in after the property had been listed for a while, and the big piece of negative feedback had been that there just wasn’t enough common-area living space.  The picture above shows the entry level kitchen with a very large dining area.  But the living room is on the 2nd floor, and is not very large.

The Gripe:  The majority of new construction home buyers are looking for that open floor plan that allows the whole family to be cooking, watching TV, doing homework, and taking a nap all in the same room.  And most families do not eat a formal meal together at the dining room table.

The Staging Fix:  We gave ’em 2 living rooms (and a place to eat together)!  That’s right- instead of feeling short on living room space, we created two living room options.  You can hang down stairs in plenty of comfort because we added ample plush seating around the table, and around the rest of the room.  We showed TV placement, provided counter seating, and addressed the need to accommodate a million different activities in 1 space.

What’s more, we gave them a dramatic living room on the 2nd floor, with a great layout that allows for a TV area, and a desk area, as well.

The Result: *Already Under Contract!!*

blog3And here is the serene master bedroom/master bath:

blog5 blog4(Click here for full property listing)


Here’s another case of the small living room in this

Queen Village Home Staging *Already Under Contract!!*

This is the main level living room, which seemed like more of an entry area when the space was vacant.  We added a love seat, accent chair, etc, and it became a great spot for reading, relaxing, or sipping tea.

blog6And, no worries- The finished basement has ample space for the heavy lounging or light working…

blog7 blog8And Master Bedroom:blog9(Click here to view full property listing)


Society Hill-  Six-Bedroom Restored Historic Home Staging

 This home is simple gorgeous!  The builder artfully mixed the original hardwood floors and beautiful stonework with the industrial stairwell, sky high raised ceilings, and modern kitchen.  We tried to do the same in our staging, mixing a sleek leather sofa with a pair of over-sized accent chairs.  We chose to stick primarily with elegant muted hues for the sophisticated and swanky main level.blog10 blog12 blog11And then we contrasted the more relaxed basement space with some fun colorful pieces, including this salmon-colored 2-seater chaise…

blog14…Uhh, I’d hang down here- how ’bout you?

(Click here for full property listing)


Old City Condo Staging

blog28 blog30 blog29 blog31(Click here for full property listing)


Small Bi-Level Condo Staging in Center City

blog16blog15(Click here for full property listing)


Two Mount Airy Home Stagings

blog26(Click here for full property listing)

*Already Under Contract*

blog21 blog22 (Click here for full property listing)


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