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Highlights From A Home Stager: Spending a Day on the Square

12 Oct

Here’s a quick hit from a condo staging we did on Rittenhouse Square.

I love the neutral palate and all the mid-century modern touches.  I think it feels modern, but still comfortable.  This is a major staging goal, in a nutshell- to create a space that prospective buyers see as idealized, but attainable and relatable!



In compact spaces, we try to show functionality.  There must be a designated space for everything the buyer is going to need, and that includes workspace.  People work from home more than ever, and an office area is becoming more and more important for young professional homebuyers.





Small bedrooms can be tough for prospective buyers to envision because beds come in a variety of sizes.  We try to stage a bedroom with the largest bed size that a room will comfortably accommodate.


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Refurbished retro light fixture

4 Feb

As I have mentioned 1,000,000 times, I love mid-century modern everything.  So, when I came across this fixture in a client’s home I was in love.  Unlike love at first sight I tend to have vision at first sight.  Having been in the residence I was updating/staging for round-about 40 years, this fixture needed some TLC.

Let me start by saying, if you are an antique collector or dealer you may want to shield your eyes.  I understand what I do may affect the value of these trash-to-treasure finds.  However, it’s better than sitting in a landfill.  And I digress…

When I think of art deco and mid-century modern I think bold colors, high gloss and architectural lines.  We had to update the light fixtures throughout the space in order to get it ready for sale.  So, rather than toss this I claimed it as my next project.  After passing by it on my way to throw in the laundry I had a vision, ORANGE!

The light requires light bulbs designed for night lights, which come in clear or white.  I could just picture the orange with the white bulbs…oh what a treat!  Off I went to Home Depot for high gloss Rustoleum orange paint.

Here are the steps to refurbish a brass light fixture:

1. Clean the surface (using mild soap and water/tack cloth)

2. Sand with a medium grit sandpaper (this allows the paint to adhere to the surface)

3. Prime the surface with a white primer (again, this will help the paint stick)

4. Spray the fixture (I do three coats to make sure it really gets on there) Also, fill the light bulb holes with paper towel scraps so the paint doesn’t get in there and cover the wires.

5. Spray with a poly sealer (I actually skipped this step, so it’s really optional)

Very easy and gratifying!  This fixture is for sale on my etsy shop and can be shipped anywhere in the US.  I would love to keep this for myself but unfortunately doesn’t fit with the style of my current home.

I’m also available for commissioned pieces and can help you refurbish any pieces you may have lying around your home.  Email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com for more info.

Love you guys!


The Staging Chick

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