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Highlights of a Home Stager: Open Floor Plan

1 Mar

This elongated open floor plan may seem like a headache to furnish for home buyers. Creating different spaces breaks up the space and shows viewers one floor plan option they have. isirk9wjadv9ro1000000000A sitting area by the fireplace makes for a warm and inviting entry.isahnmpt9ki75p1000000000A designated living area is separated from the entry, but still open and airy. is2fglv62xefro1000000000The bright and inviting living room.isu8e9d0yo6iro1000000000A spacious kitchen layout.isq94fe7v8fizo1000000000A colorful bedroom retreat

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South Philadelphia Home Staging

11 Mar

***What I’m listening to: The Wailin’ Jennys ‘One Voice’

Today is a rainy dreary day.  Strangely enough I quite enjoy days like this.  To me it is an excuse to work in sweat pants (not me, I would never) and to slack off a little.  Not to mention hot tea is so much better on days like today.  Despite the weather I can’t help but feel so blessed.

When things aren’t going our way it’s easy to forget how great our lives really are.  I was really humbled yesterday after reading Deserving Decor’s blog post.  They discussed the issue of child homelessness in our country and highlighted a 60 minutes segment on the issue.    If you have time take a look.

I think homelessness resonates with me because I understand the role a home plays in our lives.  I spend so much of my time helping people create environments where they can call home, spend time with family/friends,  lay their heads at night and feel most comfortable.  So the idea of not having a place to call your home, especially as a vulnerable child is heart wrenching to me.    Just something I’ve been thinking about that I felt compelled to share.

I also wanted to share some photos of one of the two (see Queens Village Home Staging) stagings from last week.  This is the property featured on KYW.  It’s ground up new construction located in South Philadelphia and let me tell you it is DECKED OUT!  These builders pulled out all the stops.  We’re talking maple hardwood throughout, finished basement, wine cooler, EP Henry patio,  an unbelievable master bath and a 600 sq roof deck with views of the city, lights and electric.  Yeah, I KNOW.

Trust me, if I could buy it…I would.  My favorite part about this property the kitchen.  Maybe it’s because I got to pick the back splash 🙂  Take a look around and if you want to buy it (and let me live with you) shoot me an email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com


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