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So Much New Construction in Fishtown!! Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

18 Nov

letterly1Often, in new construction homes and rehabbed properties, spaces are designed to be very, very neutral.  The idea is to make the property beautiful, luxurious and upscale, but appeal to the masses in order to attract the greatest number of interested buyers.

As Stagers, we bring the mood, the warmth, and the energy.  We play detective a little bit, and try to figure out WHO our buyer will be in the end.   Then, we try to appeal to him/her based on our design knowledge and expertise.

This project was a little bit different–  The builder of this Fishtown treasure made some really unique design choices that gave the home a spirit of its own.  Check out the diagonal direction of the hard wood floors, that makes the space feel very open.

IMG_8834 IMG_8835

The kitchen’s apron front sink, exaggerated drawer pulls,  and white subway tile back-splash bring an element of ultra-modern sleek to this gourmet kitchen.

And take a gander at these bathroom finishes…



We followed suit, and chose pieces that would accent and enhance these fun features.

So, needless to say, the BRIGHT GREEN accent wall in the main living space was a big no-brainer!

Purple is an awesome contrast, and the silver accents are a little edgy…

IMG_8832IMG_8828 IMG_8830  IMG_8829

A little mixture of industrial with more traditional pieces is fun, and appealing to a wide range of lookers.



And finally, the relaxing, serene master bedroom.

This is the view out the window:


IMG_8812 IMG_8813 IMG_8811 IMG_8809 IMG_8808 letterly4 IMG_8818

Thanks so much for looking!

…Whether ultra-modern new construction, a charming rehab, or a traditional redesign–We understand the subtle differences.

Our “look” helps homes sell quickly and our process keeps clients coming back time and again.

If you need help with home staging or interior design services, please contact us:

Ali Kutner, Home Staging Coordinator



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A Little Before and After in Port Richmond- Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

1 Aug

15I loved staging this adorable home in Port Richmond.

When I initially went to go see it, the owners had kept furniture in the space, but requested our help to fill in the blanks.  Although they had some great pieces, the house was just lacking the warmth that makes it a home.

We worked with a mixture of ours and theirs, and here are some before and after shots:


Great choice of paint colors, and I love this table set.

But, to maximize the space, we substituted a round table.  We also added some art, accessories and window treatments.  The additions really add personality!



In the master, we kept this beautiful bed and hope chest.  But we swapped out these antique looking pieces, in exchange for some contemporary ones.8 9

5 4 12 13

3 10 11

7 belgrade8 Belgrade7

Thanks so much for looking!

If you need help with home staging or interior design, please contact us:

Ali Kutner, Home Staging Coordinator



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I want to Live Here!! Fishtown Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

22 Jul

sus7That’s what I said the minute I walked into this home!!

This is another property that was a family home, being sold because the owner chose to relocate.  When we met him at the property for a walk-thru, we could just feel so much good energy in the space.  And, we really wanted that to come through in the staging!

sus1The major challenge here is open space.  We needed to show a living area, dining area, and open kitchen arrangement.  In a narrow design like this, we really needed to define the “sofa/TV” area, and then a separate sitting area by the windows.  I love this little nook!


sus4This home has such a great balance of old and new…

sus2 sus3 sus5 sus11

Makes me want to chop something!!


Thanks so much for looking!

If you need help with home staging or interior design, please contact us:

Ali Kutner, Home Staging Coordinator



or visit us at Sunflower Creations Home

Luxurious New Construction in Fishtown- Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

20 May

TLivingRoom1This property has a very modern aesthetic.

We went with a contemporary foundation and added some fun kitschy accents in the main living space.

TLivingRoom3 TDiningRoom2 TDiningRoom TKitchen2 Tkitchen1

Since the main living room area is pretty small, we decided to stage the finished basement as a den.  I included a couple of before pix to show you how we really warmed up the space with an area rug, curtains (to hide the water heater and other unsightlies), and a few pieces of furniture.

TBasmentd2 Tbasementd1 Tbasement3 TBasement2 Tbasement4And, finally, the master bedroom:

TBedroom TBedroom2 TBedroom3

Thanks for checking in with us!

And, of course, please contact us for all of your home staging and design needs!

Email: akutner@sunflowercreationsonline.com

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Charming Little Home Staging in Charming Little Fishtown by Sunflower Creations

25 Feb

memphis3Fishtown, located immediately northeast of Center City, is  roughly defined by the triangle created by the Delaware River, Frankford Avenue, and York Street.  Currently described as a mixture of  working class families, artists and young hipsters, the name “Fishtown” is derived from area’s former role as the center of the shad fishing industry on the Delaware River.

This adorable property is a great mixture of the old and the new.  Modern kitchen,  and open floor plan bring a modern feel to the old thick plank floors and exposed brick.

Our task for this project was to define the spaces because it is small- and that can be tricky!  We flipped the living room and the dining room, which provides a lot more living space for the potential buyer.  This is a bold move, but in this case, it made sense.


memphis1Upstairs, we wanted to show how to arrange bedrooms in slightly odd spaces.

Rest assured, potential buyer, you CAN fit a queen size bed your the master!  (Most people do not realized that a queen is only about 6 inches larger than a full.  Yet, somehow, it makes a huge difference visually.)


And we also wanted to offer a suggestion on how to lay out the 2nd bedroom.  It is a little challenging because it has bump outs and french door.  That does not leave a ton of choices!


Fishtown Home Staging Philadelphia

29 Aug

So the talk of the town last week was the earthquake that strolled through Philadelphia.  I was driving my little truck through Conshohocken and noticed people leaving the Ikea corporate building, thought there was a fire and went about my business.

I marched right into Ikea and everyone was strolling around aimlessly with no clue about the earthquake.  I found out 10 mins later when my husband was finally able to reach me.

Now let me preface this by saying, I understand this was very minor.

HOWEVER, don’t you think Ikea would be the first place people should be evacuated from in the event of an earthquake?!  There are literally tons of furniture stacked high on shelves.

And I digress… Totally unrelated to this weeks post about a cute as a button home in Fishtown.  I staged this two weeks ago and had a lot of help from the builder.

It’s always great to have artistic freedom when staging properties but I can appreciate when a client likes to be involved.

This property is loaded with space and has an amazing kitchen.  I love how it turned out and can’t wait for the right buyer to come along.

If you think you know them here’s some more information on the property Fishtown Real Estate. Thanks for keeping up with me 🙂


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