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Sophisticated Home Staging in South Philadelphia

18 Dec

For your viewing pleasure!  We’re excited to share one of our recent home stagings.  The low slung sofa and dark brown tones give this fresh property an unexpected sophisticated edge.  The staging highlights the functional layout, abundant natural light and endless entertaining opportunities!  Enjoy a pictorial guided tour through this desirable rehab in South Philadelphia. 
IMG_2460 IMG_2465 IMG_2468 IMG_2470 IMG_2473  IMG_2476 IMG_2478 IMG_2486 IMG_2489 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2504 Hope you enjoyed the show 😉

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East Falls home staging Philadelphia

17 Apr

It’s been a busy few weeks but I had to get back to the blogging board to show you this cute property in East Falls.  If you don’t know about East Falls it’s an adorable little community bordering Roxborough and Center City.  Walking distance to Kelly Drive (a great place to run and bike) as well as one of my favorite pubs East Falls Taproom (amazing veggie burger!).

I staged the living room, dining room, kitchen and spare bedroom in this three bedroom row near Henry Ave.  Take a look:

Want to see more?  Visit the listing courtesy of Petrone Real Estate.

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Graduate Hospital home staging: Philadelphia

15 Mar

Blog-fest day 5: Graduate Hospital.  First thing is first, I did not take these photos and I would like to thank the person that did.  Thanks to Drew Callaghan for sharing these amazing photos (http://www.drewcallaghanphotography.com/).

This property shows impeccable craftsmanship and they paid close attention to the details.  From the NY Slider closet doors to the ample natural light in the living room.  This is a city dwellers dream.  Side porch, incredible neighborhood and a roof deck.  Yeah, I’d live here.

We staged the first floor, master bedroom and third floor spare bedroom.

Want to move here visit the listing here care of Prudential Fox Roach Walnut Street.


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Welcome to Catherine Court

13 Mar

Sunflower Creations Selections Katie Devlin Photography

Day four of Blog-Fest and I have a treat for you.  But first I need to thank Katie Devlin (photographerkatedevlin@gmail.com) for sharing these beautiful photos with me, she did a great job shooting this space.

Sunflower Creations staging and finish selections Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations: paint selection, hardwood floors, trim, staging Katie Devlin: Photography

This project was my baby and I’m so happy to share it with you!  The well-respected builders of Catherine Court asked me to step in and help select finishes pre construction, um YES!  I had my hands in everything, floors, railings, back splashes, counter tops, light fixtures, bathroom tile/layout, doors and exterior lighting.  You name it, we helped!

Sunflower Creations: paint color, hardwood floors, wet bar cabinets, wet bar backsplash, trim Katie Devlin: Photography

To finish it off I staged the property and it is what you see today.  I’ll give you a breakdown as we go through these photos (again thanks to Katie Devlin for the beautiful photos!)

Sunflower Creations selections: garage entry floor, handrail, hardwood floor, wet bar cabinets, wet bar backsplash, trim, paint color Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections: backsplash, hardwood floor, counter top, hardware, paint color, trim, light fixtures, staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections & Staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections & Staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections & Staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections & Staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations: tile & layout, paint color, cabinets, counter, light fixtures, trim Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections & Staging Katie Devlin Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections: tile, cabinets, paint color, trim, staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections: tile, paint color, cabinets, counter tops, trim, staging Katie Devlin: Photography

Sunflower Creations Selections Katie Devlin: Photography

For more information about Sunflower Creations builder services email Amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com Visit the listing courtesy of Prudential Fox Roach.


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Bella Vista Home Staging

17 Jan

A lot of house in a little package.  One of the best ways to show off the space you have is to put furniture in it.  I get this question all the time, doesn’t my home look bigger without furniture?  Not necessarily.  The right size and amount of furniture can actually make your home look bigger and will show buyers that their furniture will fit there too.

This is one of those properties that needed some furniture to show how much you can actually fit in the living room. When vacant it looked small and might have fooled buyers into thinking they couldn’t fit their furniture in the living room.  I added a sofa, a couple accent chairs and tables then voila a complete living room that still feels spacious.

I also staged the master bedroom that features a dressing area and walk out deck.

My favorite room would have to be the basement area.  Because it was a finished area I thought it was so important to highlight the potential of the space.  I got a little creative and here’s what I came up with.  It’s an office, relaxing, getaway room that I (personally) would use to do yoga.

Love this property, check it out courtesy of The McCann Team at Prudential Fox Roach.

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Philadelphia home staging: Grays Ferry

9 Jan

I was feeling glamorous and inspired when I staged this property last Thursday.  Notice the pink pillows, mirrored side table and sparkley throw blanket.  Sometimes I just can’t keep my girly side at bay.  I really think the look compliments the style of this house.  So it all worked out.

Take a gander at that kitchen, it’s huge!  This is a great entertaining house.  Open floor plan, large kitchen, great lighting.  All you need is food, friends and tunes.

My favorite part, the true master bedroom.  Guests have their space and bath you have yours, it’s a beautiful thing.

Love this property as much as me?  Check it out here: Century 21 Target Realty. If you have a property you want to glamorize give me a call 267-335-4290.


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Queens Village Home Staging, Philadelphia PA

7 Dec

If I could pick a location, this would be it.  Queens Village has so much to offer.  Great restaurants, good food, awesome places to eat.  Guess everyone now knows the way to my heart!  In all seriousness not only are you close to great food but walking distance to shopping, nightlife and an actual grocery store (Whole Foods right down the street).

This property is so cute and has a really cool layout.  I wanted to show potential buyers that this home is broken up into sections.

On the first floor you have a great entertainment area.  A space for gathering, listening to music, fire-place, amazing kitchen and eating area.

In my opinion you don’t even need a tv on this floor (but it does come with the property, so why not?!).

The basement level offers laundry, 1/2 bath (great for guests to freshen up), a breeze through with enough space for a small desk and chair as well as a nice sized guest bedroom.  Consider this the guest enclave!

On the second floor you have a bedroom, full bath and an awesome lounge space.  Now this is where I would have my tv and comfy cozy sofa.

Number one because it is away from the entertaining area and second it is just below the master suite (when I fall asleep watching tv it’s not too much of a hike to bed!).

Lastly you have a spacious master suite on the third floor.  Although it may take some imagination this house upon close inspection has so much space that you can use any way you like!  Check it out officially here: Queens Village Real Estate.

Miss you guys, I’ve been swamped with personal decorating clients, I’ll make sure to keep posting when I can!


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Home Staging Northern Liberties Philadelphia

17 Nov

Let me start by saying I love a challenge so I was thrilled when I walked into this newly renovated row in Northern Liberties.  I’ll have to admit, I did have to ask whether this was in fact the living room.  Yep, now I see the issue.

My client called me because he was getting some negative feedback regarding the layout of his property.  Although there are some awkward spaces in this house it is by no means small.  The first area of the house may be the biggest challenge but there are so many other spaces throughout that make up for it.

Not only is there a finished basement, perfect for lounging out and watching tv but an additional space on the second floor.  What would I do with this extra space?  I would most definitely turn it into an office/guest room by incorporating a sleeper sofa or futon for those friends that need to crash.

Sometimes an awkward space or layout is all we need to get creative and I find that’s when the best designs are developed.  I had so much fun with this project and I hope the perfect buyer comes along soon!

Check it out for yourself Leithgow Street Staging.


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Society Hill Home Staging Philadelphia, PA

10 Oct

Here today, gone tomorrow.  That’s how I feel about this historical property in the desirable society hill neighborhood.  This charming property features 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, sun room and shared courtyard.

I’m a sucker for older homes that tell a story.  I really tried to play up the historical charm of this property with some fun and whimsical patters while throwing in some traditional pieces.



Home is where the heart is!  If you want this to be your home visit the listing here.  As always if you have questions about home staging or would like to schedule a complimentary walk through for your property email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com


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Fitler Square Home Staging

8 Sep

You guys are going to love this property!  Located in one of the cutest and most accessible areas in center city this one won’t last long.  This one bedroom cutie would be the perfect love nest for a new couple or an impressive bachelor pad.

What is not to love?  Master suite with a cozy office/closet breeze through, newly renovated and an amazing private backyard/deck.

I would have to say my favorite parts of this property are the traditional accents (stained glass windows) and the back yard for sure!

Check out what we did to show off this property.  Email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com if you want more info or check it out for yourself Fitler Square Property Listing.


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