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Highlights From a Home Stager: Before and Afters, Baby…

6 Feb

Here’s a little before and after action from a property we staged a few months back.  This is one of my personal favorites from last year because it is the poster child for the power of staging.  We’ve got an adorable house, priced right, on a nice street- and several months went by with no offers.

The sellers called us for a consult, had it staged on a Friday- and chose from 3 good offers on the following Monday.   They settled at 10% over asking price!

Enter through the front door into your charming, sun-drenched enclosed porch…  We replaced the dark curtains with shears, added a couple of area rugs, and a few pieces of furniture to create a first impression that sets a positive tone- and a functional space that is more than just a pass-thru area.


Those white sheers make SUCH a difference.


Next, we have a nice size living room with exposed brick, mantel, and built-ins.

Cute right? But where does the sofa go?


Now, I think the next space is the most confusing for prospective buyers.  The large support beam kind of divides the dining room into 2 separate areas, and I think people were just really unsure about how they’d be able to make the space work.

We created an additional hang-out area that bridges the space between the living room and the dining area.  Maybe drinks?  Maybe a place to sit away from the TV?


And finally, the kitchen is a very bold color and featured patterned window treatments.  We just replaced the valence panels with sheers, which have a more contemporary vibe.

Click here to view the full property listing.

Thanks for looking!

If you are preparing to list, or if you have clients who are preparing to list, get us involved!

For vacant home staging, a consult 2-3 week’s prior to intended completion date is ideal. And in the case of occupied home staging, the more time we have prior to listing, the more we can help you perfect your product.

So, contact Ali at akutner@sunflowercreationsonline.com or 267.207.9898 to get that ball rolling. Or visit us at Sunflower Creations Home.

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Highlights of a Home Stager: Detailing- Staged & SOLD!

28 Dec

Our second detailing blog! These are becoming more and more popular with the mainline homes. Detailing an occupied home is an important tool for selling your home faster. Don’t make home buyer look past the clutter, show them a move in ready home that they can see themselves in. This home was on the market for over a month when they decided to bring in Sunflower Creations, and that decision really paid off- it sold shortly after!

An undefined entry makes for a poor first impression.


Clutter distracts buyers from the space.


The oversized seating in this room made it seem much smaller than it was. Some smaller, sleeker love seats, simple art work, and a much needed decluttering turned this room into the classy sitting area this home deserved.

A set table makes a world of difference.

Some slight changes make this living room more inviting.

We showcased the amazing bed frame these home owners already had. We also decluttered the bookshelf, making it both functional and decorative. Adding a sitting nook didn’t  hurt either!

Bedroom Befores and Afters!

A formerly unused corner in the basement was transformed into a reading nook using one of the oversized arm chairs from the sitting room.

(Click here to see the full property listing)

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