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Home staging Roxborough, PA

6 Nov

Welcome to my neighborhood!  I loved doing this staging right in my backyard.  I walk Kona (staging chick doggie) on this street pretty often so it’s cool to see one of my staged properties on the block!

I had fun staging the living room, kitchen, dining area, patio, bedroom and bath in this 3 bedroom rehab.

I would say my favorite part of this property is the nice bay window in the front of the house.  I could totally curl up with a book in front of that window every day.

Want to take a look for yourself, visit the listing on

Interested in staging a property in the Philadelphia area?  Email to schedule a complimentary walk through.

Thanks for keeping up!


The Staging Chick

Meet our 4:30 am alarm clock…

15 Jun

I’ve never had such a cute wake up call!  Meet Kona the new addition to my ‘secret life’!  ‘Secret staging husband’ and I picked him up on Friday and it’s already been such a learning experience. 

I’ve always had animals.  I grew up in West Virginia and my dad had a farm with every animal you could imagine.  Seriously, we had a baby deer and a peacock once.  So I’m no stranger to animals.  ‘SSH’ however has never had a puppy so this is a very exciting time for us.  Although I grew up with animals most of them were outside dogs that I didn’t have to train.  So one of the things we’re going through now is crate training and making sure we take him out every half an hour or so. 

We’re pretty sleep deprived and are starting to feel like new parents!  He wakes up frequently during the night and pretty much needs our attention 24/7.  If it weren’t for my schedule and running my home staging business out of our Philadelphia home I don’t think we could handle him. 

He’s only eight weeks old (born on 4-20-2010) and is a pretty smart cookie.  It may be coincidence but he goes to the door and whines when he has to go to the bathroom.  So far no accidents inside!  Ok, I’m gushing, sorry…I’m in love.  How could you not love that face!  I’m sure you’ll be seeing ‘secret staging pup’ more often but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.  Here’s one more for the road.

Thanks for humoring me!

***What I’m listening to: ‘You aint nothin but a hound dog’ Elvis Presley


The Staging Chick