About SFC


Sunflower Creations is Philadelphia’s full service home staging and interior redesign firm.

At Sunflower Creations we learn from all people.  We transform properties and show home owners how the right furnishings and design can help them sell fast and maximize their profits.  We create spaces that appeal to all home buyers.  We make properties come alive through the use of staging tactics and design.

While working to exercise our creativity and passion for design we are always honest, respectable, and attentive to details.  We believe we can show people how design and creativity can change the way they see the world around them and help create their desired lifestyle. In order to realize this vision daily…

*Follow our instincts.  We listen to the creative voice inside and always jump in with both feet forward.
*Learn something new every day. We listen to others when they speak and respect all ideas.  We are always immersed in the creative community searching for new ideas and suggestions.
*Think outside the box.  We are innovative.  We exercise creativity and we set aside conventional thinking.
*Create daily, practice makes perfect.  New ideas come from exercising what we already know.
*Are in tune with the world around us.  We are always trying to give back whenever possible.

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