Highlights of a Home Stager: Making the Most of Small Spaces

22 Aug

Living in the heart of the city has many perks, but you often have to give up some living space in exchange. We’re here to show you how to make the most of your small living space situation!


This unit had a decent sized open space for the living area. We wanted to showcase just how large that room was by creating three separate spaces within it. First is the living room, complete with enough seating for four. Bringing the sofa to the center of the room creates a great focal point!

genMid.7194564_2_AWe also wanted to show potential buyers that there is more than enough room for a formal dining area in this Spring Garden condo.


With more room to spare, we created a small office area within the space, creating the perfect trifecta of all you could possibly hope for in your future home.  With some careful space planning, and thoughtful furniture selection, we can make any space the perfect home for your potential buyer!

And, when it comes to professional home staging, whether vacant or occupied, contact Ali at Sunflower Creations
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