Highlights from a Home Stager: Why Would You Stage A Perfectly Good Property?

20 Feb


Bridgeview Condominiums in Old City


Every day we meet with homeowners, builders and realtors who want to know about staging- How it works, Why it works, Will it work…  So, we thought we’d take it back to the beginning and talk a little bit about why staging adds value, how we approach the process, and why we think Sunflower Creations is successful at helping get homes sold all over Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods.  If you are considering staging, – please read on.  If you are already a believer, you can skip the boring text and just look at the pretty pictures!


So, Question #1:  Why would you stage your home prior to listing it for sale?  Basically, either because the property is vacant, or because you actually live in your home and everything isn’t perfect at all times.  We will talk more about occupied staging in our next post, but today we’re going to focus on vacant home staging.

  1.  It all begins with the click of a link…  It doesn’t matter if you are listing your family home, a rental property, or a new build- the fundamental process is the same- the more interest you generate, the more traffic you get to the listing.  The more traffic you get, the greater the potential for more offers.  And the more offers you get, the more you- the seller- are in control of the deal.  Since we have the internet, most prospective buyers will be introduced to your home, along with about 400 other homes that meet their search criteria, by being presented with a thumbnail photo that will appear approximately 1*1 inches on a phone screen.  Make the most of that inch.  A photo of walls is pretty easy to skip.  A photo with colors and shapes might grab a viewer’s attention for just a second longer, and that second could be the difference between a showing and a pass.  (Small aside- whether you hire a professional stager or do it yourself, hire a professional photographer.  Again, the picture is going to dictate how the story goes- make it a really good picture).

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2.  You didn’t do all the updates you intended...  So, maybe you never got around to installing stone counter tops in the kitchen, or perhaps you ran out of time before you had a chance to remodel the closets, or maybe the original hardwood floors could have used a sanding but …  It’s time to list- it is what it is- and you are pricing the property appropriately.  Staging is a good idea for you.  We do not stage to cover up problems- what we do is create a aesthetic that feels fresh and welcoming.  We help prospective buyers see the full potential of the home by highlighting the best parts.  A side effect of that is focus less on every scratch in the floor or chip in the paint. We make prospective buyers say, “This house feels like home to us.  All it needs is (a coat of paint) (a sanding of the floors) (a bathroom update), but it’s totally move-in ready”.

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3.  The home is brand new construction…  It’s literally perfect, but you should stage it…  Here’s a couple things about new construction  (a) It can feel very sterile because everything is new, and that is not inviting.  Even just a light staging provides the opportunity to bring in some softness and variety of texture. (b) Much of the competition is staged, so you need to stay competitive.  Again- it’s not just about having a great property;  It’s about getting prospective buyers to notice it.  (c) Architects and builders have the ability to visualize the finished product, which is what makes them good at their jobs. Most homebuyers do not have that ability.  And open-concept floorplans are especially difficult.  If potential buyers can not envision how to live in the space, they will move on to the next listing.

So, Thanks for stopping by today!

We hope you found this information helpful- and feel free to pass it along to your friends or clients.

If you’d like to set up a quick complimentary consultation, contact Ali at akutner@sunflowercreationsonline.com or 267.207.9898.

For vacant home staging, a consult 2-3 week’s prior to intended completion date is ideal. And in the case of occupied home staging, the more time we have prior to listing, the more we can help you perfect your product.

Tune in next time, when we’ll turn the focus toward occupied home staging.

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