Highlights From a Home Stager: Hands-Down, the Coolest House in Philly

6 Dec

No offense to all other houses, but this one takes the prize for awesome-

Standing on the street in Northern Liberties, one would never know that behind an inconspicuous industrial garage door lies this incredible, self-contained residential oasis.


This courtyard/Zen Garden is the absolute perfect place to relax and enjoy the meditative sights and sounds of the water feature and Koi pond.

4th1And here are a few aerial shots of the interior, just to give you a sense of the whole space:


Just an FYI tidbit- the TV room floor is the original cobblestone from when this land was a cross street.  And, that plexi-glass panel in the ground is encasing a well that was excavated during the renovation.  You can still see water levels rise and fall.

4th104th9So, we were called in a couple of years ago when the homeowners first began thinking about selling.  Through a series of walk-thrus, revisions, and fine tuning, we were able to help these homeowners get this property in prime shape for listing.  And, once listed, the sellers got their asking price in less than 3 weeks- which I really can’t say is a surprise…  The place is amazing, and they really followed our staging advise to the letter.

This is a great example of how a staging consultation can help you sell your home.  In this case, the majority of the furniture belongs to the homeowners.


We provided recommendations on pieces that worked well for staging, and items that needed to be toned down, amped up, or adjusted.  We also provided supplementary art/accessories where needed.  This enabled the home owners to move the vast majority of their belongings out of the home prior to listing, which made their move more orderly in the long-run.


We assisted the homeowners by providing a neutral eye.  This, in turn, helped them showcase all the right features.  Clearly, they had a good sense of design because they created the space.  But it’s often helpful to get an outside perspective to help see a home through the eyes of the prospective buyer.    In this case, the space, itself, is really the focal point.  The prospective buyer is clearly going to need to fall in love with the space, or not get it at all.  It’s just that kind of home.  So, we did a lot of editing.  We wanted the property to really be the main event here- and everything else was kind of just dressing to show function and warmth.  The key was finding the right balance.



In “His” office, we spent a great deal of time on simplifying the built-in shelves that were packed with books and collectibles.  The owners were really great about following our recommendations.


And, we helped create a “Her” office/studio space out of what had previously been used as a bike room.  We provided area rugs, furnishings and art where needed– but the large majority of the items were already there for us.  Just a matter of moving some things around…



In the rear portion of the home, we made a few layout adjustments in order to maximize use of the space, and in order to differentiate the spaces from the other sitting/eating areas in the front of the home.  Notice the very clean-lined and simple styling of the décor- This property needs so little in terms of “frills”.


And finally, this common area that connects the three 2nd floor bedrooms-  The homeowners had previously used this as gallery space for their art collection.  We wanted to make it function in a way that would feel at home to any prospective buyer.  So we created this relaxation area to feel like a really cozy place where you can drink your coffee on a Sunday morning, or cuddle up with a book late at night

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