Highlights From a Home Stager: Giving Props to Point Breeze Props

25 Sep

You know your from Philly if you live in a Point Breeze row home (it’s not a townhouse), and you know you live in a Point Breeze row home if you recognize this layout!

19xx Wilder Stwilder1wilder2


(Click here for full property listing.)

We work all over the city and surrounding ‘burbs, but year after year, Point Breeze is where it’s at for stagers.  Developers are just constantly rehabbing homes and often, entire blocks go under construction at once.  As neighborhoods improve, we find ourselves going further and further south.

Here’s a quick hit of 4 Point Breeze rehabs we’ve staged in the last month or so.  The layout is generally pretty straightforward- but there is a wide variety of play in finish selections.  Style is normally contemporary to modern industrial- aimed at the young professional, often first time-home buyer.

2233 Oakford St

Staged & Sold in 30 days!!



(Click here for full property listing)



14xx S. 24th St



(Click here for full property listing)



20xx McClellan St

Staged & Sold!!



(Click here for full property listing)

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