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6 Mar

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Hi Everyone!  Staging Chick here, I haven’t been personally blogging as much these days.  But as you can see I have an AMAZING team of stagers and movers that have been tearing up the streets of Philly staging houses left and right!

I’ve been thinking recently about different ways to increase a home’s marketability. Obviously I’m a HUGE believer in home staging as I’ve seen it work time and time again to not only increase a home’s buyer interest but also value.  Home staging covers one part of the equation, aesthetics.  We allow buyers to see how to use the space, to see the beautiful details and layout.  What I’ve learned though is smell is also another VIP part of selling a home.

The sense of smell activates the limbic system which is directly linked to memory and emotions.  Whether good or bad, smells can help a buyer remember your property.  It can draw them in and help them make a connection with the home.  That’s why this Thursday March 9th, 2017 I’ll be hosting a Real Estate & Essential Oils Class on Facebook.

Follow the link below and click ‘Going’.  If you can’t ‘be’ there at 8 on Thursday don’t worry the info will remain on the page for two weeks, but you do have to click ‘Going’.  This class will go over the basics of Essential Oils and how we can use them to make our homes more marketable!


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I’m so excited for this class and hope you are too!  ‘See’ you there 😉


The Staging Chick

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