Highlights from a Home Stager: RECENT FAVES Edition

30 Mar

I’m not gonna lie- I just couldn’t think of a great underlying theme for this weeks post.  So, friends, I’m just gonna give it to ya’ straight- Here’s a little collection of some of my favorite stagings our team has put together in the past couple of weeks!

SOUTH PHILLY:  8XX Pierce St in East Passyunk

STAGED & SOLD in 1 Weekend!!


I love this one because I thought the staging really brought out the beauty in the character of the house.  The walls are painted in slightly darker colors than most South Philly rehabs that we see, and the stained natural wood accents are unusual as well.  The hardwood floors are beautiful, but also bring a lot of personality to the space.

So, we really wanted to do a staging that honored the classic elements of the home, but made it feel very contemporary at the same time.  We also chose to stick with solid blocks of neutral colors in the furnishings and area rugs, and I think that really helped to soften and blend the natural wood tones  into the space.


(Click here for full property listing)


NORTHWEST PHILLY:  78xx Provident Rd in West Oaklane

Just for a little perspective, the first shot is the vacant space before the staging…  Look at the difference!


Maybe it’s just that chair, but when we were finished with this staging, I kinda wanted to stay and relax in this house!  I love how the lighting is really bright, yet soft at the same time.  It felt very cozy and comfortable- which is exactly the feeling we were trying to create.


(Click here for full property listing)


WISSAHICKON:  44xx Mitchell St in Roxborough


When I walked into this vacant property, it had a bit of a “surfer bungalo” vibe.  It’s not a bungalo at all, but I think I was feeling the wood-paneled island, the vintage/industrial style pendants, and the amazing sliding barn door (below)…  And it felt a little artsy- which I LOVE!


It’s the Wissahickon- it’s down to earth, nature-loving, casual (but still classy)- and, its my ‘hood- so there’s a lot of pride in this one!  We really wanted to create living areas that felt hip, comfortable, and multi-functional.  (I’d want to live in this house!)


(Click here for full property listing)


CENTER CITY:  22xx Catherine St in Graduate Hospital



(Click here for full property listing)


Thanks so much for looking!

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