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4 Jan

blogHappy New Year, everyone!!  We hope you had a great (and relaxing) holiday season.  We definitely enjoyed a little down timebut now we are we’re jumping right in to 2016.

Welcome to our last look at 2015: THE LOFT EDITION

Who doesn’t love a LOFT, right???  The complete and total essence of coolness…  Twenty foot ceilings… exposed pipes…  no walls…  undefined spaces that often make NO sense at all…

Yes, lofts are very awesome, but they can be a tough sell in Philadelphia.  They are often 1bedroom units, which limits the buying pool right away.  Beyond that, they do generally come with privacy issues (which can be resolved with a little creativity).

Many Philly lofts, of course, are converted from old factories.  The charm is in the rawness and original industrial details.  But, these raw empty spaces can appear very confusing with respect to furniture layout (with which we can assist).  And these gritty industrial spaces,on their own, can feel cold and uninviting (which we can change).

In short: Let us stage your loft before you try to sell it.

We will make it seem cozy-yet-chic, and like the most functional living quarters ever created!  It will probably sell faster, and for more money than if you try to sell it vacant.

Check out a few Sunflower Creations loft stagings from December 2015…


1xx Church St in Old City, Philadelphia

b1Our client had some nice pieces of furniture in the unit.

blog25We added to it with some pieces of our own, area rugs, art, and accessories.


Even though this is a 1bedroom unit, it feels like an entertaining space…  We wanted to show a nice large dining table, and a seating area that can hold a crowd.  We also made sure that we included a work area within the main living space.  For better or worse, the home office has become very important.  Prospective buyers want and need a designated work space.

b2blog27blog28blog29(Click here to full property listing)


5x N. Front St Home Staging in Old City, Philadelphia

blog3This condo is a personal favorite because it has so much quirky architectural detail.

The staircase featured above leads to NOWHERE!!  We accessorized it to give the indication that it would make a great built-in book shelving or display area.  (You could even furnish a petite recliner on the landing to create a reading nook)

And the huge window featured below stretches all the way down below ground level, into the basement bedroom.  (Stay tuned!)

blog4This loft space (below) off of the living room could definitely be a bedroom, but we chose to give the condo a designated office area as an alternative.blog8blog5The old hearth in the kitchen (above) is the perfect area for a storage console.blog6And, while the idea of a basement bedroom might seem undesirable, we wanted to capitalize on the elements that this one has going for it.  The exposed brick wall adds a layer of texture.  Even though it’s hard brick, it kind of softens the room.  And that huge 2 story window lets in great light, which is generally a major issue for basement rooms.  We added lots of pillows in the window bay, (and a little decorative step stool which you can’t see in this photo) to turn this unique feature into a charming and memorable little seating area.blog7(Click here for full property listing)


10xx Arch St in Chinatown, Philadelphia

We’ve recently began to see more staging activity in the Chinatown/Market East portion of the city.  This loft is on the 9th story, with huge windows, high ceilings, and white walls- so its bright as can be!  Challenges are some of the slanted walls, space division, and the bonus space behind the kitchen, which you’ll see below.blog9We felt like this unit could handle lots of punches of bold colors.  With so much white on the walls, and the hardness of the industrial finishes, we really wanted to make the space feel warm and fun.blog10blog11blog12*Not every space can handle all those pops of red, so we use it selectively.  But, the red looks SO good in MLS photographs- really grabs your attention!blog13blog14blog15blog16Here’s that bonus room.blog17It would be pretty simple to close this room off, in order to make it a private bedroom.  I could be done with drywall, or it could be done with a long curtain rod and some panels.  We wanted prospective buyers to see that the space has bedroom potential, or could also be a great little den/office.




Northern Liberties New Construction


Old City Studio Loft


Queen Village Gut Rehab


Fishtown Gut Rehab- Under contract 4 days after staging!!


Thanks so much for looking!

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