Highlights from a Home Stager: October 2015, Part 2- Sunflower Creations, Philadelphia, PA

20 Oct

Old homes, new homes- We do it all, and we gotcha covered…

blog1Washington Square West- *Sold in 10 Days*

This first property was built in 1916 (for those of us who don’t like math, that’s 99 years ago).  In our experience, many people want old homes, in theory.  Nothing says charm like original hard wood floors, brick fire places, and antique fixtures.  But, older homes tend to show poorly because they often lack the clean lines that look great in photos, and they usually have little in the way of overhead lighting.  What’s more, when empty, potential buyers have nothing to focus their attention on except the flaws that come with age.

True Story:

This Center City town home sat vacant on the MLS for 200 days…

We staged it on day 201, and and by day 211, the property was pending sale…

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Of course, not every staged property sells in 10 days– This one took 11…

Washington Square West- *Sold in 11 days!*

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Fairmount/Art Museum Area Gut Rehab

Now, this fancy pad is brand-new-everything in a 100 year old shell.  The building has been standing for a century, but for all intensive purposes, its a new home.  Much like most of Philly’s modern construction homes, you’ll see raised ceilings with lots of overhead light, open floor plans, fresh hardwood floors…  And, this home also has extra-special luxury features hiding around every corner.

The key to staging homes like these is really to soften them up.  Since everything is new inside, the home is pretty pristine- so much so, that it can feel sterile on it’s own.  The addition of textiles makes an incredible difference in the potential buyer’s emotional response when he/she enters the home.

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Fishtown Gut Rehab

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Manayunk New Construction

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Pennsport New Construction

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