Philadelphia and Beyond: Highlights from a Home Stager, September 2015, Part 2

17 Sep

Happy September!

Hope you had a great Summer, but we are SOOO ready for Fall-  A break from the heat, along with a bustling season for real estate, and a bunch of new pics to share!

First Up: Before & After’s from a Fairmount vacant home staging

Lots of character here, what, with the exposed brick, slate/parquet flooring and dark wood paneling… On their own, the mixture of all these elements was a bit overwhelming.  But, the contemporary staging helped it feel more blended, more polished, and it DEFINITELY upped the charm-factor.


BEFORE- Vacant open floor plan feels a little rough around the edges.

blog39 - Copy

AFTER- We went for a clean, but comfortable look. Large blocks of light, solid colors neutralize the space and help all the finished blend together.


BEFORE- The built-in dining nook is a feature that I, personally, always find super-charming. However, the overwhelming amount of wood, and the heaviness of the brick wall really seem to make the space feel dismal.

blog40 - Copy

AFTER- We lightened the mood with art, accessories, an area rug (you see the corner of it in this shot), and actual lighting. We also included this small desk in order to make use of some “dead space”. We always harp on this, but in smaller homes, it is so important to show people that every inch is functional.


BEFORE- This kitchen is small, and not real modern. There is no denying that.

blog41 - Copy

AFTER- But who doesn’t want open shelving (even just a little bit!), and don’t we all love an open pass-through, as well?


BEFORE- The master bedroom just feels dreary and flat.


AFTER- We love it! Adding textiles, and bright pops of color just makes it feel warm and inviting!

blog42 - Copy



  (Click here for full property listing)


Suburban Townhouse Staging in Chalfont

This Bucks County townhouse was sitting vacant on the market for months, and getting no bites.  After a change in realtors, we got called in to freshen up the listing.

This home features some taste specific elements, such as bold paint colors, stained glass window, and wall paper.  We are not saying that any of these elements are at all distasteful- it’s just hard to please everyone!  Our goal is always to help attract the most number of potential buyers, by making the space appealing to the greatest number of lookers.  This means helping potential buyers see the full potential of the home, beyond wall coverings, etc.  We do this by (a) taking care of easy changes, such as switching out taste-specific window treatments for something streamline and contemporary, and (b) emphasizing the many positive features that the property has, such as great light, terrific layout, spacious rooms…

blog14 - Copy

Red walls are not for everybody. Painting is an easy change for new buyers, but it is important that they see potential beyond the paint color.

blog15 - Copy blog16 - Copy blog17 - Copy blog18 - Copy blog21 - Copy

(Click here for full property listing)


Queen Village Historic Property Rehab- Featured as Philadelphia Magazine’s “City House of the Week”!

This is one of the oldest homes in the city– completely redesigned, top-to-bottom, by none other than our own, Amanda Alligood!  She chose all the finishes, from flooring, to pain colors, to cabinets, counters, fabulous fixtures, and beyond…  And, of course, when it was all done, we staged it too!  Surprise, surprise- Under contract in less than 2 weeks!!

blog51 blog52 blog53 blog54 blog55(Click here for full property listing)


Lafayette Hill, Montgomery County Home Staging

We had tons of fun staging this suburban great room with some of our fabulous new furniture pieces!


blog46 blog45 - Copy(Click here for full property listing)


Well, thank you so much for keeping up with us–That’s all for today!

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