Sunflower Creations Home Staging Highlights, January 2015

3 Feb

blog2It’s been an active January, with a record number of stagings and 8 new properties under contract!  And, it looks like there will be little down-time heading into Spring because Philly is bursting at the seams with new construction and newly-renovated homes that need staging!

Sorry to be repetitive– but if you are new to our blog, or to the idea of home staging, we’ve gotta quickly tell you why staging helps homes sell quicker, and for more money, than non-staged homes.

  • Get more people in the door.  Attract more potential buyers with more click-able MLS photos.  Pictures of empty rooms are bland, colorless, shapeless and boring, and fewer people will want to look at them.  Staged property photos provide spacial reference, shapes and color.  More people click, which leads to more showings, which leads to more interested parties, which leads to greater demand for the property, which leads to higher sale price.
  • You have some explaining to do.  Most potential buyers can not visualize the space with furniture in it.  This is hard to believe for developers, who make a living on being able to visualize the finished product.  But, it’s true- Many people will not know where to put the sofa, where to put the TV, can they fit a full bed in the middle bedroom, etc.  Staging helps define overwhelming spaces in large homes, and show maximum functionality in small homes.
  • Turn “potential buyers” into “buyers”.  Staging makes a house feel like a home.  We call it “the warm-and-fuzzies”, that emotional response that makes potential buyers want to move right in to your property- versus the other 15 properties they’ve already looked at.  Staging will show them an idealized version of their life in their new home.

Here’s a look at two upscale rehabs in Grad Hospital, plus some fun stuff in funky Fishtown, Pennsport, and Fairmount:

Graduate Hospital

(Courtesy of Jeff “City” Block Team, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services)


blog4(Click here to see full property listing)


Graduate Hospital

(Courtesy of The Mike McCann Team, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services)
blog6 blog7 blog5 blog9 blog8(Click here to see full property listing)



(Courtesy of Daniel Schwartzman, Coldwell Banker Preferred)
blog12 blog10 blog11(click here to see full property listing)



(Courtesy of Stuart Cohen, The Mike McCann Team, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services)
blog13 blog14(Click here to see full property listing)



(Courtesy of Julie Welker, Coldwell Banker- Welker Real Estate)
blog16 blog15 blog17 blog19 blog18(Click here to see full property listing)

Thanks so much for looking!

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