Warm Cheerful Staging Fairmount-Spring Garden Philadelphia

18 Nov

Last week we had to the opportunity to stage this beautiful home in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.



The dining room walls are very colorful to accent the warmth of the yellow we used ivory furniture. The table is set with soft flowers and a pop of red to incorporate other rooms. The area rug under the table adds subtle texture and pattern to the space. While the mirrored piece of art adds some geometric lines to the room and enhances the brightness.

Tip: Add a mirror across from a window and it will reflect light into a room.




The upstairs den in this house has warm walls. We took neutral colors and a coordinating color to soften the walls. The accent color we used is yellow, which is associated with joy and energy. We wanted to fuse the same color scheme in each room so the entire house looks cohesive. The coffee table we picked has a glass top to help the space feel lighter and brighter, while the base is a a dark geometric.


The bathroom needed a few accessories to liven the taupe colored walls up. Use flowers to soften and add some organic lines throughout the space.




In the bedroom we incorporated contrasting colors such as this red found throughout the house. The dark color brings a comforting nature to this space. The pop of colors in the flower and lamps tie in this color scheme and do not overpower the room. Using a neutral and patterned area rug, gives the room another layer of color and texture.

Thanks for keeping up!  Look forward to more posts over the next few weeks as we fill you in on our adventures during the fall season.


The Staging Chick

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