Sold in 3 Days! Historic Philadelphia Home- Staging by Sunflower Creations

11 Aug


This Fitler Square gem was built in 1831, and thoughtfully renovated with all modern conveniences.

Using a mixture of “ours and theirs” we helped these super-awesome sellers de-clutter, neutralize, and address some confusing issues.

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27_6427958_7_1406001494_636x435Upon our first visit, the sellers gave us some history on the home, and the way they had used it.  They had used the dining room as an entry, the living room as a dining room, and the loft as a living room.  Hey, whatever works for you works for me, but…  It does not work for potential buyers!

The other big issue was that they had 3 potential master bedroom options, and pros/cons for each.  We talked a bit about who their potential buyer might be, what type of lifestyle this house would need to support, and how they might want to use the space.  Normally, we try to always “pick a side”- tell the story…  That’s our job!  But, in this case, their were three very compelling arguments, and  we really wanted to cover all the bases.  We wanted to make this the perfect home for just about anyone who walked in the door.  Soooo, we decided to stage all three options as bedrooms, with components that gave the indication of how else the space could be used.  We wanted to make each option warm and cozy, so that every potential buyer would, first, fall in love with the space, and then figure out the specifics, based on their own needs.

Here is the first master option, the one that the sellers had used as their bedroom:

27_6427958_13_1406001494_636x435Located on the 2nd floor, it is the smallest of the 3 spaces, but it is attached to a beautifully renovated bathroom.  They felt as though this was the least exciting room in the house, and they wanted to reserve the more “special” areas of the home for the majority of their waking hours.

Option number two:

27_6427958_10_1406001494_636x435This open space could easily be enclosed, and it has this massive walk-in closet.  The sellers had used it as their home office space, which also makes a lot of sense.  So, we staged it as a bedroom with a built-in office area.  A young professional buyer might love the modern feel of the openness, along with the multi-function.  You also get great light, and a fireplace!

27_6427958_11_1406001494_636x435Now, option three is my personal favorite:

27_6427958_15_1406001495_636x435 27_6427958_14_1406001494_636x435This loft space is AMAZING!  A couple with children might love the privacy that awaits on this third floor oasis.  Its got a fireplace, charming built-in window benches, and a private balcony big enough for a barbeque and nice-size umbrella table.  The space is large enough to have additional function as well.  But, if an older couple looking to retire to the city (which has become a popular trend) were to see this home, they may not want a 3rd floor master.  So, we wanted to show that this space could be a den or a guest bedroom, as well.

We also helped warm up the finished basement.  The seller had bought the home as a duplex, originally.  He lived in the basement unit, and rented out the upstairs.  After combining the two units into one house, the basement was refinished and turned into a laundry room.  And it just felt a bit cold, with the tile floor, bare walls, etc.  So, we wanted to provide, yet another bedroom/rec room option (teenager’s dream!)


We were really happy with the results on this one–  We staged on a Thursday, the realtor held an Open House on Sunday, and the property was under contract by Thursday!

See full listing here, courtesy of Jeff “City” Block of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Thanks for looking!!

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