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15 Jul


smedley2It was a major curve ball for this young family when they received word of a necessary work-related relocation.  They had bought this Girard Estate town home just two years ago, with the intention of raising their 2 small children here.  They had completed a variety of cosmetic renovations and upgrades when they got the news- time to sell!  They were really concerned that they could sell at a price that would pay for all the work they had done, so they called us to help them present their home in the best possible light.

We came in for a consultation, and learned that we would be doing an occupied home staging.  This means the family would be living in the staged space until it sold, and we would be working, primarily, with the existing furniture and accessories.


The first big challenge was the entry area.

This home has a really amazing entry, with a huge window that offers great sunlight.  You can see the half-wall in the above photo separates the entry from the living room.  The problem is that the entry space is just too big to be “just an entry”, but to divided to be part of the living room.  We wanted to incorporate the divided areas in a way that shows potential buyers that the space functions and flows at 100%.  At the same e also wanted potential buyers to be able to easily identify the separate functions that the space provides: “entry”, “reading nook”, and “main living space/TV area”.  This was a SUPER-important showing concern, because this area is the very first thing the potential buyer sees when entering the home for the first time, and the first impression forms right here.


smedley3The sellers were self-proclaimed DIY-ers and Thrifters (right up my alley!)  They had some really cool stuff, and eclectic arrangements.  Lots of mixing and matching- Great for personalizing a home, Not great for selling one…  So, another part of this project was helping the sellers simplify and neutralize.  We put together floor plans for the sellers, which detailed furniture layout and furniture reordering.  We moved some things around to open up and define space,such as changing the direction of the bed in the master, and creating the L-formation in the living room.  We created a bar area, again, providing purpose for the pretty large space between the living room and dining room.  We moved some pieces to different areas of the home.  And, we got rid of everything we could before the property was photographed for listing.

smedley5 smedley6 smedley7 smedley8 smedley12 smedley9 So, we basically put together a home staging instruction manual, then we came back to do the finishing touches (detailing for photos, hanging art, that kind of thing).  But the sellers did a TON of work here in preparation for their listing, and they did an EXCELLENT job (with an infant and a toddler!)

The house sold in just 40 days, and these guys are California-bound.

Great job guys, and best of luck!

View the full property listing here.

Thanks for looking!!

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