Suburban Home Staging Challenge by Sunflower Creations

6 May


Very cool reno on a quiet, tree-lined street, along a creek– But, a complicated first floor layout brought us out to Elkins Park for this home staging project.

The major challenge is the two support beams that divide the space.  Additionally, the fireplace, and several doors really dictate furniture placement.

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We definitely wanted to create a main seating area around the fireplace and large bay window.  But, we also wanted to incorporate the area behind the dining space into functional living space.

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In such an open living space, we really think it is important to show function.  Sure, it’s nice to offer lots of room, but if the potential buyers can not figure out how to make the space work for them, they are going to move on to the next listing.

So, we created a space that helps transition between living room and dining room.  One could sit and read the paper with their morning coffee, enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail, and still be part of what is happening in the main living space.


In terms of design choices, we wanted to keep it simple.

We worked with a mixture of our accessories, and the seller’s- So, we wanted to make sure the overall style was cohesive.  And, the architecture, itself, offered a lot of interest- the beams, bump-outs, bay window, fireplace, doors, etc…  So we really didn’t want to introduce a ton of new patterns and textures.  We did a few bold pieces, and focused on creating clean lines and shapes that would pull everything together.

We were happy with the finished project!

IMG_0322 IMG_0318 27_6332546_9_1399043675_636x435To see the full property listing, click here.

Thanks for looking!

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