A Well-Loved Home in Bella Vista- Staging by Sunflower Creations

1 Apr

27_6349838_5_1394575135_636x435While this house has been updated with a sale in mind,it comes with a lot of personal style throughout.  We see this a lot in Bella Vista because many of the homes for sale have been lived in by the seller.  I say this in contrast to many of the stagings we do in other areas, where the majority of the homes are rehabbed by developers with a quick sale in mind.

While many of these types of “flip” renovations are beautifully finished as well, you will not see:  A Variety of unexpected paint colors, surprising coral glass tile bathroom, marble fireplace…

We love these features, but from a staging perspective, these are things we want to neutralize.

Remember our goal- attract the greatest number of potential buyers.

Here’s our favorite photos:


(First floor modified semi-open floor plan) 27_6349838_2_1394575135_636x435 27_6349838_1_1394575135_636x435 27_6349838_7_1394575135_636x435

(2nd floor bedrooms)27_6349838_8_1394575136_636x435 27_6349838_16_1394575136_636x435 27_6349838_21_1394575136_636x435(office)27_6349838_14_1394575136_636x435

(Master Suite)

27_6349838_12_1394575136_636x435 27_6349838_13_1394575136_636x435

To see the full property listing, click here.

Thanks for looking!

…Whether ultra-modern new construction, a charming rehab, or a traditional redesign–We understand the subtle differences.


Our “look” helps homes sell quickly and our process keeps clients coming back time and again.


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