Blending In to Stand Out- Fairmount Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

7 Mar

23rd1   This was a super fun project because this Fairmount home has so much unique detail- I was in love the moment I saw it!

Brocade pattern wallpaper, intricate tile work, stained glass, and extraordinary woodwork all command your attention.  And, although these elements all lend to a traditional ambiance, we wanted to show how contemporary design fits right in.  We wanted to go with pieces that would not detract from the home, itself, and also that would lighten some of the heaviness of the colors in the space.

Additionally, we wanted to explain furniture layout.  Because the living room is very large, and the fireplace is right in the middle, we wanted to assure potential buyers that they can utilize the natural focal point, as well as the space around it.

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