Queen Village- Home Renovation, Design Consultation and Home Staging Inovation by Sunflower Creations

31 Jan

IS9dkdpjniwmwx1000000000 This was one of those projects that really rests close to the heart!  You could tell that the homeowner had much love for the home, and working through the renovation process from beginning to end with him was like watching a flower bloom.

We met with the home owner back in July, right after he and his family moved out of the house.  A little background:  Our client bought the home right out of college, and eventually transitioned it from bachelor pad to family home for his wife and two small children.  But, as the family grew, the house seemed to have shrunk, and this crew found more space in the suburbs.

The home-owner knew that he had a jewel, situated in the heart of Queen Village, surrounded by fabulous restaurants, shops and greenery.  He also knew that this jewel needed some polishing, which is where we came in.  We walked the property top to bottom, inside and out, and provided a consultation report that outlined all of our pre-sale renovation recommendations.


We came up with a 5 page renovation list, which included paint color selections, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, detailing such as replacing  switch plates, shower curtain rods, etc–  And everything in-between.  We love the character of this home, and we know that people who are looking to buy in this neighborhood are generally looking for some character.  (See the tera cotta kitchen tile, brick work, Mexican talavera tile work throughout the home, dark cherry cabinets, and original red pine flooring.)  So, we suggested keeping many of the existing finishes, in order to focus the bulk of the budget on upgrades that will help increase sale price.

Next, this home owner got to work!  …And we must say that he did a phenomenal job managing the renovation.  We visited several times throughout the process to run through our initial list with him, and make updates as needed.  He spent weekend after weekend punching every item on our list, and here is his finished project after staging:


He original paint colors were very warm burgandies and golds.  They seemed natural in the space, but they were very dark, and made the space feel small. We selected a light, neutral palette, which really opened up the space.  Then we used some of the original warm colors as accents.  ISx7wlzhomf0mx1000000000

Second floor consists of a large bedroom, an office/nursery, and bathroom:

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And, the amazing master suite with fireplace and roof-deck access:

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(Great work Keith!  We wish you a quick sale!)

If you would like to view this listing, follow this link.

There will be an open house this Sunday, 2/2 from 12-2pm.

Thanks so much for looking!

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