Where Do We Get Our Home Staging Furniture? Sunflower Creations: “Look for Less” vs. “Total Splurge”

5 Dec

714 8A very common question when we meet with new clients is “Where do you get your furniture?”

Great question!  And, the honest answer that we always give is that we buy furniture everywhere from West Elm to Ikea, and everywhere in between.

Important to us, is that all of our pieces are CLEAN, WELL-CONDITIONED, and CONTEMPORARY.  We own all of our furniture and accessories, store it in our own facility, and purchase everything brand new.

714 1(photos from a recent upscale Graduate Hospital home staging)


Our goal for our clients is to highlight their properties and help them sell as quickly as possible, and for the highest dollar amount.  The key is to bring in pieces that create a cohesive, high-end look.   Sure, we splurge (we love to shop!!), but we also know when to grab a great deal.

Now, I do want to clarify–  General rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for…  When you purchase an original design, you are often paying more for quality, craftsmanship, materials, warranties/guarantees.  When you spend half the money, and opt for the similar item, you may forsake some of this.  It really depends on your needs.  For example, in my own home, I tend to tire of my surroundings way before they actually wear out.  And in staging, with contemporary style ever-changing, we tend to retire pieces more frequently than one might in their own home.  So, in these cases, it may be sensible to sometimes go “Look for Less”.

Here’s a little game for you:  Some “Splurge vs. Steal”

Guess which item is the original, and which is the value priced replica! (You can click on each item to find out the source and price)

2 1

9(Home Staging in the Point Breeze section of South Philly)

4 3

allens9(Home Staging in Mount Airy section of Philadelphia)

5 6 letterly

 (Home Staging in Fishtown section of Philadelphia)

Thanks for playing along…Now, it’s your turn!

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 Our “look”  helps homes sell quickly and our process keeps clients coming back time and again.

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  1. Ryan December 5, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    Those metal French chairs are the exact ones we have in our home. We get comemented all the time for their rich look, but we definitely didn’t pay an arm and a leg for them! In fact, we got 4 of them through Overstock for much less than the originals and you can’t tell the difference.

    Same thing with our coffee table. It’s a steamer trunk from the 1800’s we bought from Philadelphia Salvage. We had a piece of glass cut for the top and overall spent $130. At Restoration Hardware, a similar piece is going for $1,500!

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