The Case of the South Philly Home that Needed Staging, by Sunflower Creations

29 Nov

kimball1It’s a classic tale:  Once upon a time, a super sweet young family lists their home for sale in the Bella Vista section of South Philadelphia.  Even though the home is in a great neighborhood, and is really adorable, it sadly sits on the market for 40 days with little interest from potential buyers.  Their realtor suggests consulting with us, and we are able to identify a couple of issues right away…

We were ready to work with the homeowners on a consulting basis, to help improve the success of their showings.  But, at the last minute, they decided to move out and have us stage the home completely.  This was a really good move!

The general theme that seemed to keep reappearing is that there is a big difference in the way we live in our homes, versus the way we envision living in our homes.  For example, when we stage an empty living room, we tend to use accessories that suggest relaxing with a cocktail, or getting cozy with a book– something that seems happy, fun, enjoyable to potential buyers.  This is appealing, it is what we want to do in our living room.  Forget that most of us will turn a living room into a playroom, office, craft room and dining area!


(Living Room Before and After)

kimball3Common in many older South Philly homes is this big landing that seems like a whole additional room.  The trouble with this space is that it is tough to figure out what to do with it.  It’s a common area because you need to walk through it to go downstairs, but it is definitely bigger than a hallway.  Our solution is to turn these types of areas into something special or functional, somewhere that a potential buyer would want to spend time.  In other words, we want to turn the space from a question mark  into a memorable selling feature of the house.


(landing before and after)kimball8 kimball7Finally, the house was listed as a 2 bedroom home, yet upon walking the property,  we could only find one bedroom!


The long story is that since the couple have a small child, who frequently wakes up in the middle of the night,  it became easier to just sleep in one room on the second floor with the built-in crib.  The short story is that potential buyers were not envisioning the fabulous 3rd floor loft space as a master suite, since it looked more like a storage/makeshift office.




The open space is even equipped with plumbing, for a bathroom renovation, or at least a wet bar– Who wouldn’t want that in their master suite!

kimball11 kimball12 kimball13

This home definitely had an artsy vibe, from the multi-colored linoleum tiles on the 2nd floor, to the pegboard walls in the kitchen and master bedroom.  It is these unique traits that people will fall in love with, and it is these same traits that people will run from.  So, we just made it a point to try to neutralize these oddities a little as we worked our way through the home.

kimball2 kimball4 kimball6So, now for the happily ever after:

Once staged, this home went under contract in 1 WEEK!!

kimball9 kimball10Thanks so much for looking!


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