Suburban Rehab in Broomall, PA- Home Staging by Sunflower Creations

14 Nov

marple3As soon as we set foot inside, we could not wait to get our paws all over this place!

This is a REALLY cool rehab, with original flagstone entry floor, beautifully salvaged hardwoods, shutter windows, and modern updates!

We’ve got built-ins, secret doors, fireplaces…  What fun!!

Here’s a few pics of the great room/dining room, and bedrooms.


The sectional sofa serves a few functions in this room.  First, it defines the space that is the living area, as opposed to the dining area.  Second, it allows for lots of seating without monopolizing the wall space, which is filled with all those terrific built-ins.  And finally, it creates the perfect frame for that beautiful fireplace.marple7marple1

Here are some shots of the master, and 2 additional bedrooms:marple4 marple5 marple6Thanks so much for looking!

…Whether ultra-modern new contruction, a charming rehab, or a traditional redesign–We understand the subtle differences.

Our “look” helps homes sell quickly and our process keeps clients coming back time and again.

If you need help with home staging or interior design services, please contact us:

Ali Kutner, Home Staging Coordinator


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