Staging Around The Homeowner– Port Richmond Bachelor Pad… Bachelor Not Included!!

4 Jan


This is a beautiful bachelor pad in Port Richmond, that could easily become a family home.

Although the current owner has very good taste, he felt that we could help blend his own pieces with something that is more inviting to a potential buyer.


So, most of the furniture was already in the home.  We moved some things around, added a few pieces, decluttered some shelves, and brought in some accessories for “pop”!



The goal for the bedrooms was “clean, simple, and presentable”.

Since our homeowner is still living here, we wanted to give him something that he could replicate with ease each morning.

That way, if an unexpected showing comes up, he is always ready.

IMG_5709 IMG_5706

This is a seating area outside of the master suite.

We brought up pieces from the downstairs to show how cozy it could be.

Great example of a small detail that makes a bid difference- a private living room is not so important when you have the whole house to yourself…  But if this were to appeal to a family, every mother is going to love the personal space!!

IMG_5707  IMG_5710

We brought in this furniture to create an office space in an empty bedroom.

Also, we wanted to add some color to the room because it gets excellent sunlight!IMG_5712

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  1. Jennifer Rostek January 4, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    Very nice staging chick!

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