Bainbridge Home Staging in South Philly

16 Jul

Great New Home in South Philadelphia!

We staged the 1st floor Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen- and the 2nd floor Office/Den and Bedroom.

 This is the downstairs living room, which would likely be used as more of a formal sitting area for entertaining.

The upstairs den, complete with wet bar, is a more laid back area for relaxing.

The den has these wonderful built in bookshelves that give the modern space a really warm feeling.

The key to arranging bookshelves:  Think less is more!

Select a few pieces that you really want to highlight, and accent them.

Also, keep balance in mind;  Arrange, step back, rearrange.  It will come together!

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  1. Shelby August 29, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Beautiful! I especially love the reading desk in the den! I could picture myself doing a puzzle book on the couch while my kids did homework at the desk!!

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