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20 Jun

Heeeellllooooooo!  (anyone seen the Ellen commercial?…love it).  Anyways…I’m so excited to blog about this partial staging I did in the northeast section of Philadelphia last week.  I’ll be honest I wasn’t too familiar with the area when I got the request for proposal from the realtor.  But after making the trek out to Somerton I thought it was a great little area.

A few blocks from Roosevelt Boulevard (about 5 mins from the well-known Chickie and Petes) this property is close to shopping and not too far from the city.  But what makes this property shine is its newly renovated interior.

When I first walked in, I knew right away why the realtor had recommended staging to the builder.  The first room you see when you walk in would be a formal dining room (traditionally), to the left of the ‘dining room’ is the EIN kitchen and right around the corner is the living room with amazing high ceilings and great natural light.

So what’s the problem?  Nothing really except you have two types of buyers, young couples/older couples, each looking for something different.  A younger couple is going to be less concerned with a traditional dining room, while it is more important to an older couple to have a space for a large dining table.

The real problem was defining the space.  When the property was vacant it was hard to decide what the second room (dining room) was intended for because there is also an EIN kitchen right around the corner.  So we put some thought into it and decided that it was best to show the ‘dining room’ as a family room and the living room as a more formal sitting area.  In addition to that we will show the buyers how the ‘family room’ can also be setup as a dining room.

I think it turned out great and can’t wait until the right buyer comes along!  Have questions for me about this or other stagings?  Email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com

Thanks for reading my blog it really makes my day!


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