Germantown Home Staging

12 Apr

Two years ago in September my husband and I purchased our first home.  We then spent the next four months completely renovating the entire house.  This was full on construction and we weren’t able to move in until December.  It was a crazy journey but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  We learned so much and worked our butts off.  Now we have a house that we are so proud of.

Our Home Before

Our Home During

Our Home After

That being said I have a true appreciation for people who can take a beaten down home and rehab it into something beautiful.  Some people like my husband and I are DIY’ers and some do it as a way to make money.  Either way I know it isn’t easy.  You walk in with a plan but once you open up those old walls new fixes you never dreamed of start popping up!

This property in Germantown is one of those complete gut rehabs.  I was able to find before pictures online and I am so impressed to see how far it came.  Here’s what I did…


Sun room, Living room, Dining room, 1/2 bath and EIN kitchen


***Please call for a complimentary walk thru and proposal

Simple and sweet!  I know this home will make someone very happy.  My favorite part about this property is the tile in the 1/2 bath…I may just use it in my own home some day!

If you’re interested in this property visit the listing or email


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