A good photo is worth $250,000

10 Nov

If you’ve ever bought a home before you know the agonizing process.  This process may have been different depending on the time you purchased your home.  If you bought your home 20 years ago then I have to tell you…things have changed.  You probably worked closely with a realtor that learned your needs and wants.  He would find the listings that matched your must have list and off you went to visit the properties.  Maybe you saw a picture or two but my guess is you didn’t take a virtual tour before hand (unless you’re George Jetson) and I digress.

I recently purchased my first home with my husband.  We would spend hours looking through the internet.  And if I may be completely honest we were basically screening our potential home.  If a property did not have photos of the interior, despite having everything we wanted, it was out.  If a property had photos with poor lighting, most likely, out.  Clutter, out of date bulky furniture, closed draperies…OUT.  Vacant, empty, uncharming…OUT.  You see where I’m going here.  But before you lable us as picky and unrealistic be ready for the 97% of other potential buyers pointing their fingers right back at you.

That’s right, 97% of buyers search for homes online before they will even consider setting foot in your door.  You can take this one of two ways.  You can be alarmed, worried, take your listing off and curse the day you ever dreamed of moving.  OR you can use that information to your advantage.

Take a look at your MLS photos.  Do they show off the best features of your home?  Do they make your home look modern, up-to-date, charming?  Are your photos showing off your home or your family photos, collections and bulky furniture?  Are they painting a picture for the buyer or are they photos of an empty, vacant room?

Staging your home can fix all of this.  Take a weekend and start packing.  Pack up your junk, photos, collections, clutter.  You’re going to move soon anyways, right?  Bring in a home stager to help with furniture arrangement.  Open the drapes, set the table and show off your home!

Dealing with a vacant property?  Call a full service home stager that can bring in everything you need to make your property picture perfect.  Getting buyers in the door is 3/4 of the battle!

Good luck and if you’re looking for a home stager in Philadelphia email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com.  I’m here to help!


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