Why home staging sells homes

8 Nov

  • Staged properties show the buyer how to maximize the space. Vacant properties can seem overwhelming to buyers.  While you may think a vacant newly constructed property shows off the abundant space, a buyer is feeling like they don’t have enough furniture to fill that huge space.  Or even worse, too much furniture to fill a vacant space that feels small.
  • Staged properties convey emotion. It’s all psychological.  Buying a new home is nothing short of life changing.  The property you are selling should convey emotions to the buyer.  This home is going to signify what their new life could be like.  I don’t think they are going to be over the moon about a property that feels…vacant and empty :/
  • Staged properties show the buyer where their furniture will go. You may have rehabbed the home, built it from the ground up or lived there since you were twelve so you know exactly where to put what.  Sofa here, tv there etc.  A buyer will spend maybe 20 mins in your home.  Trust me, they are not going to figure it out that quickly.  Hold their hand, show them how it’s done.
  • Staged properties leave a lasting impression. You have approximately 6 seconds to catch and hold the buyers attention.  I’m not sure if that includes buyers with ADD, so it may be less 😉  The point is you need to give your potential buyer what we in the staging business call the ‘WOW factor’.  Simply put you want them to walk in and go WOW…thank you ladies and gentleman now you have their attention.
  • Marketing, MLS Listing and Pictures.  RE isn’t like it used to be.  Buyers are screening homes online before they present a list to their agent.  97% of buyers are looking through the Internet before they even consider your home.  Staging takes your property and preps it for its close up.  Staging makes it picture perfect so you can stay on the buyer’s must see list.
  • Staging shows off your property’s best features. An experienced stager will know how to highlight the best features of your home without covering them up.  A good stager should be able to prepare your home in a way that has a buyer walking through saying wow, look at that fireplace, oh there’s a soaking tub…etc.  With the right attention to detail and accessory placement this should be an easy task.
  • Staging sells homes. A recent study by RESA showed that staged properties spend 85% (unstaged properties 190 DOM, staged 28 DOM) less time on the market!  Time is money.  The investment in staging far outweighs the risk of leaving your home on the market unstaged and having to drop the price tens of thousands of dollars.

If you are in the Philadelphia area and you are interested in learning more about staging your property visit us here: Philadelphia Home Staging.  The process of staging is affordable, fun and easy (because we do all the work for you!).  Feel free to email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com with any staging questions.


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