Front Door Makeover

27 Sep

When my husband and I bought our house last year we embarked on a long journey of renovation.  So long and intense that we did not move in for four months after settlement.  We pretty much gutted the entire place with the exception of the kitchen (which remains to be renovated).  During that time we were doing heavy demo and focusing on putting the house back together.  So, some of the small cosmetic things that drove me crazy from the time we saw the house were over looked.

Well my friends now that summer has passed and we’re heading into fall I’ve been tackling some of those small projects.  One of the things about the house that I really despised was the aluminum storm door on the front porch.  The gray color and dated look made me cringe.  We had planned on buying a new door if our budget allowed.  Well here we are one year later and I’m still staring at that door.  Until last weekend!

As you know, I believe a fresh coat of paint can fix just about anything.  So it was crazy that it took me so long to think of painting that wretched eye sore.   I wouldn’t recommend painting just any storm door, but this one was a perfect candidate.  It has a grainy unfinished texture perfect for grabbing and holding onto paint.

To do this project I washed the door down with soap and water then let it dry.  I removed the hardware (which I sprayed with a fresh coat of black paint) and primed the whole door.  I decided to use a foam brush to get a smooth finish.  After a coat of primer and three coats of semi-gloss white paint this door (and our porch) looks so much more inviting!

We will eventually buy a new door but until then this is the perfect money-saving alternative.  This project cost literally nothing.  I already had leftover paint from prior projects and a few foam brushes.  What projects are you guys working on?


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  1. Nicolette December 9, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    I have the same doormat! Delightful! It is incredible what a difference just painting your screen door made. It seriously looks like it could be a new door and looks so much fresher!! Bravo!

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