Home Staging Tips

19 Aug

If you’re on a tight budget but need some help getting your home buyer ready here are some DIY staging tips.  These are easy affordable solutions to common ’buyer repellent’ problems.  Make sure your home is picture perfect to get buyers in the door!

1.  Declutter: Removing 25-50 percent of items in each room and 50-75 percent in all closets will maximize the space you have.

2.  Depersonalize: You want to accentuate the most appealing features of your home and personal items can distract buyers from seeing those features.  Pack and store personal photos and treasured mementos until you move into your new home.

3.  Rearrange: Arrange furniture to maximize the living space.  Pull furniture away from walls and arrange in a “conversational” manner.  If you have a fireplace or great built-ins use them as the focal point of your room and arrange the furniture to highlight them.

4.  Clean: Keep dishes out of the sink, get all papers and loose personal items organized and out of sight.  Make sure all the nooks and crannies including baseboards, windows, light fixtures, and ceiling fans are clean.  Try to keep laundry and litter boxes out of sight.

5.  Update: Make sure to fix/replace anything that is broken (appliance, faucet).  Replace light bulbs that have burnt out.  If time and budget permit replace old dated carpet, remove wallpaper and repaint rooms with neutral colors.

6.  Scent: Odors from smokers, pets and damp rooms can affect offers.  You may be immune to smells in your home so ask a close friend to give you an honest answer about the scent of your home.

7.  Curb Appeal: Update landscaping, cut the grass, plant flowers, repaint the front door and make sure your house number is visible.  Keep toys and lawn tools out of the yard when not in use.

8.  Start Packing: Removing items from your home can be hard, but hopefully you will be moving soon so pack up personal belongings now and you will be ahead of the game!

9.  Purpose: Make sure the purpose of each room is clearly defined.  If you use your dining room as an office you might be sending a signal that there isn’t enough space in the house.

10.  Modernize: A dated couch and drapes can bring a room down.  If you’re on a budget and can’t rent an updated couch invest in a fitted slip cover in a neutral color.  Remove the dated drapes and bring in some more modern accessories.  These small changes can make the home feel new and updated.


Have questions or need help staging your home email amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com or visit our website Sunflower Creations Philadelphia Home Staging.

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