Homemade thank you gift

19 Jul

Well friends as you know my secret staging husband and I have worked hard this past spring on our backyard garden and patio.  Our garden is bustling, the flowers are blooming and the little patch of grass we have is growing and growing and GROWING.  Although we love our grass, it, much like hair needs to be manicured and cut or else it will get OUT OF CONTROL. 

Because our yard is so small we’ve been on the fence so to speak about buying a lawn mower.  Do we get a reel mower, gas, electric, who knows?  While in deliberation our neighbor has been sneaking over and mowing our patch of grass for us!  He’s such a nice guy. 

When we came home from a weekend away and found our grass freshly mowed I had to do something for him.  He’s an older bachelor so I thought food would be the best route.  So I busted out the mixer and whipped up a fresh batch of homemade cookies.  I wanted it to look sweet so I grabbed some fabric scraps from my sewing box, lined it with plastic wrap, piled the cookies in and tied it up with a piece of rope. 

I thought it was so cute and he loved it so much I had to share.  Our neighbor says it’s not trouble to mow our “lawn” while he has his mower out, but it means a great deal to us!  It was no trouble for me to bake him cookies in return, but he was so thankful to have some fresh from the oven cookies. 

I think pay it forward should be everyone’s new mantra.  You never know when the simplest act of kindness will make someone’s day or even change their life.  So there is your lesson for the day! 


The Staging Chick

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