Green cleaning: shower spray

21 Jun

I’ve slowly but surely been fading out all chemical products from our home.  I was never much of a cleaning product user to begin with.  I was immediately turned off by bleach sprays  when I began having serious headaches after using them.  Don’t get me wrong, I keep our house very clean, I just have to put a little more thought into it.  Most of my cleaning is done with natural products found in the kitchen, vinegar and baking soda to name a few.  Since we’ve moved into our new home we’ve been having trouble keeping the grout and caulk in our tub free of mold.  ‘SSH’ keeps regrouting and recaulking to no avail.  We squeegee and now I’ve added this shower spray to our daily regimen.  It seems to be workings, smells great and is all natural!  I’m pretty sure our tile, grout and whatever they used behind it needs to be replaced so I don’t know that our problem will be solved anytime soon.  This just seems to keep it at bay.  Here’s the recipe:

Solvent free shower spray:

2 cups water

1 cup vinegar

2 lemons (no seeds)

*Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and keep in shower.  Spray daily to keep mold and soap scum away.

Hope this helps!  What are your natural cleaning recipes?  I’d love to have some new dirt weapons in my cleaning arsenal!  Email


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