Garden planter how to

18 May

A couple weeks ago I shared my adventure in gardening (how does your garden grow).  When we started our backyard garden for tomatoes, green peppers and jalapeno I had to use cinder blocks to block off an area for the dirt.  That just wasn’t doing it for me aesthetically so this weekend we trucked over to home depot for supplies to build a planter. 

My husband is very handy so didn’t go in with a plan.  All I knew was that I wanted something plain and simple, preferably wood.  I had some concerns about what type of wood to use for our organic vegetable garden.  Is pressure treated ok, what other types of wood can you use outside, will it rot?  After wandering through the lumber department we came across a fine home depot employee that informed us that they no longer use chemicals (arsenic) to treat the wood. 

Comedic side note: the home depot employee in the midst of telling us that they no longer put arsenic in the wood said “you wouldn’t have known the chemicals were in there anyway, I’ve been eating it for years and I’m fine!” Not sure what he was eating; arsenic or pressure treated wood????

Getting back on track here is a list of supplies you will need to build a simple planter.  We were able to use our existing fence as the back “wall” of our planter so we only needed a piece of wood for the front and two sides.  Our measurements were 8×3.  

  • (2) 8ft 1×10
  • (4) 2″ metal brackets (used to keep the inside corners square)
  • (1) box decking screws
  • Total cost: $37.00

My husband was sweet enough to do all the building for me.  He had to make a few cuts to the wood then attach the brackets in each corner.  It’s a pretty simple process if you have the right tools (home depot will cut the wood for you if you have the measurements on hand).  The final result is this awesome planter.  I tried spraying it down and rubbing dirt on it to make it look a little worn, but I guess that will happen over time. 

Oh and the plants are doing very well!  I added a mint plant (in a pot) this weekend that I’m very excited about.  Fresh mojitos anyone?  Until next time my friends.


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