Things are changin ’round here

14 May

Hi everyone! We’ve got some really exciting things happening over here at Sunflower Creations. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed (unless you are completely do you get through life?!) we’ve changed the format of our blog. But, what you may not have noticed (unless you are extremely observant) is that we now have two blogs.

I know I know, we’re gettin a little crazy!

Our new blogs are:

The Staging Chick

The Secret Life of The Staging Chick

The Staging Chick will focus on our home staging projects, our staging company Sunflower Creations pretty much all things home staging and real estate.

Our ‘sista site’ as we’re calling her is The Secret Life of The Staging Chick. That will focus on the more personal side of us, DIY creations, trash-to-treasure, cooking, gardening and pretty much all things domestic. Why the split? Well we want to keep all of our readers interested.  There are two sides of us over here; the business woman and the domestic goddess (ha! riiiiggghhht).

So, for those of you here to keep up with home staging trends follow The Staging Chick and for those of you interested in our crafty secret life follow The Secret Life of The Staging Chick. But you know who will get a gold star? Those of you who follow both blogs! We won’t be posting duplicates so the latter is your best option.

Keep up with us on twitter @TheStagingChick and don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter here! We’re so thankful for everyone that follows what we’re up to and trust me…it’s about to get reeeeeaaaaallll good!


The Staging Chick (the artist formally known as Amanda)

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  1. ashley May 14, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    Love it!

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