Shabby cheap…design on a budget

14 May

In case you haven’t heard, we are currently experiencing a bit of a recession.  In light of our current circumstance in America I want to offer some tips on how to redesign with limited funds….

Shop at home:  No, we’re not talking QVC here!  If you find that you need a living room face lift don’t run to your nearest home decor store.  Where do I go, you ask?  Take a walk around…your own home.  How would the bureau in your bedroom, that doesn’t serve much of a purpose anyway, look swapped with your tv stand from the living room?  How about putting the unused bench from the family room at the foot of your bed?  Get a pad and paper, take some inventory, get creative, and HAVE FUN!

Get Organized: Sometimes a little organization can go a long way.  Have a closet full of “stuff” dating back to 1960?  Take a day and pull it all out.  You may find that some old treasures can feel brand new when you find the right spot for them.  My personal belief “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind, a clear space is a clear mind”.  If not for a new design then for your mind, so get to it!

Re-do It:  About to leave that old dresser on the curb because you can’t stand to look at it anymore?  HALT!  Take a good look at it…if it meets these qualifications you may want to reconsider: it’s in good condition (bones, not finish), the hardware can be removed, you have a great spot or need for it if it were more attractive.  If you said yes to these, get the sandpaper and spray paint.  Go modern with black paint and silver hardware or if shabby chic is your style go olive and distress the edges.  Find a picture of something you like and ask the expert at your  local paint store to guide you.  When your friends ask where you got it you can boast about your hard work and creativity!

Save money and think creatively.  Just remember; new doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes it takes more time, but the gratification you get from making something yourself can’t be bought!   Have fun and share your ideas, we’d love to hear them.

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