Trash-to-treasure: sittin’ pretty

11 May

I’m so excited to finally unveil my most recent trash-to-treasure creation.  This chair is one of four rescued from the side of the road (see Before and After: more trash to treasure).

To create this look I first primed the dark wood with a white spray primer.  The primer made the “hair” on the wood stand up so I had to lightly sand the surface before applying the pink paint.  Unlike the first trash-to-treasure chair project I opted for spray paint this time around.  Not only does it save time but also allows for a smoother finish.

In total I used three cans of Rustoleum Berry Pink gloss paint.  I made sure to cover the entire chair including the underside of the legs.  When the paint was finally dry I covered the seat with fabric batting and began upholstering.

A project of this nature could be completed in one weekend depending on weather conditions (when using spray paint I always recommend painting outdoors).

This chair is my psychedelic Alice in wonderland masterpiece.  It could easily become the main conversation piece of any room.  However, although the colors are bright and it makes a statement I think this piece could also blend in with the right decor.

What made me paint a chair bright pink?  My only answer to that is ‘why not’?  I knew this chair should be glossy pink the moment I saw it.  I like to call myself an on-the-spot designer.  When I walk into a room I get an instant feeling about the arrangement and color.  The same is true for furniture.  I can look at a piece and I have a “vision” as I like to call it.  Sounds clique, but it’s true.

This chair is currently for sale.  If you would like more information please email  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next home staging post!

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  1. erin May 11, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    fabulous! 🙂 i’m drooling with wanton-ness.

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