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21 Mar

 19 May Closet design inspiration

Thinking of redoing your nest but don’t know where to start?  Interior redesign can be difficult especially when you try to hone in on your style.  Are you romantic, classic, modern, contemporary, traditionalfunecclecTIC??? 

Sometimes getting into design especially when it comes to our own pad can make us feel like we have to put a lable on what type of person we are.  If you’re anything like me one lable won’t do it.  My personality has a little of this, a little of that, a LOT of that and a little more of THAT.  So how do I know what style is going to work for me? 

Why not start in your closet?  I think clothes are one of the biggest tools for personal expression.  So head on in there and start pulling out your most treasured pieces.

Pay attention to color patterns.  Are you a black and white kind of person or is your closet littered with color.  Don’t stop there, texture and pattern are equally important.  Noticing a lot of light colors, linen and woven fabrics?  You may be a laid back, zen kind of person that’s looking for a space to relax.  Don’t forget to raid the shoe shelf and jewelry box for more inspiration.

These are some pics of a few pieces I pulled from my closet.  Interesting huh?  No I don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder…I’m just ecclectic.  Which, if you ever come to my house, you would see is reflected there as well.  It’s all about having fun and creating a space that you want to come home to.  If you’re happy and comfortable then you have accomplished the goal. 

Have fun!


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