Declutter for your life and health

18 Mar

Home staging is all about decluttering, depersonalizing and getting a home ready for sale.  Decluttering your home before selling makes it more appealing to buyers.  While decluttering for sale is always a great start, decluttering for life can be good for your health.  There has to be a reason a clutter free, organized home is appealing to buyers.  Walking into a home with stacks of stuff lying around and no chaos control can be overwhelming to anyone and that includes the homeowner.  Ever watch the show “Hoarders”, you know that anxious feeling you get when the film crews open the doors to the hoarders lair?  That is one end of the spectrum, but there are many levels of clutter and disorganization.

There is an old zen saying that says ‘a cluttered space is a cluttered mind’.  While you may think all the nick knacks and magazines you hold onto have sentimental meaning, at the end of the day they could be causing you more harm than good.  If you find yourself scattered in your daily life and not able to get yourself on a good organized track you may be a victim of ‘clutter mind’.  Always late to events because you can’t find that necklace?  Having trouble getting out the door because your keys are missing?  It may be time to get rid of some clutter, organize your space and improve your health.

All the stress caused by fretting over missing items, tardiness for important events and an overall disorganized life can lead to heart problems.  So take the steps to get organized and redefine your space.  This could be a weekend project or a year-long project depending on the level of clutter.  No matter how deep you’re in there is no better time than now to turn around and work your way out.  Here are some great tips to get you started:

1. Work on one room at a time.

2. Be prepared with boxes, tape, sharpies, and trash bags.  Having everything ready will make the process go much faster.

3.  Organize in categories: keep, donate, trash.

4.  Evaluate the items you think you can’t part with.  When was the last time you used it, will you use it again, could someone else benefit from it more than you?

5.  If you have a lot of clutter plan a yard sale and you may profit from the things that are causing you stress!

Once you have cleared out the trash and donation items make sure to organize the stuff you chose to keep.  If you chose to keep it you are probably planning on using it in the future.  Have an accessible spot for everything that is within reach and organized.  Clear plastic containers from the dollar store are great for storing small items.  Here are some ideas:

*A nail box: nail polish, files, remover…

*Admin box: pencils, pens, stamps, scissors, rulers…

*Cords/Chargers box: phone chargers, ipod chargers, random cords

*Medicine box: keep all vicks, cough medicine, aspirin…

Stack these on top of one another on shelves in closets and make sure to label.  The next time you want to do your nails quickly all you have to do is pull out the bin and you have everything you need, brilliant!  If you don’t think you can do it alone or just want a jump-start hire a home stager or professional organizer.  They will help you get on track and on your way to a better lifestyle.

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